Syrian military reinforcements from Daraa flood into Deir Ezzor


Syrian national militia forces from the province of Daraa have recently been transferred to Deir Ezzor as part of a new reinforcement package to further support ongoing pro-government operations against ISIS in the far eastern region.

The large troop contingent in question comes from the National Defence Forces which is the official national paramilitary of Syria, being made up of Syrian fighters not in proper army service – many of them Syrian Army reservists.

According to military sources, the releasing of these troops from Daraa Governorate is due to a standing ceasefire between pro-government forces and militant groups in the region and the state of relative peace that currently exists as a result of it.

This latest troop transfer is one of many Syrian Army and pro-government paramilitary reinforcement packages that have so far been sent and that will continue to be sent to Deir Ezzor amid huge resource consuming operations against ISIS terrorists in the region.

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