Syrian Minister: EU policies against Syria serve al-Qaeda-linked groups

20131010-183536_h506871Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that the policy adopted by France and a number of EU countries against Syria has contributed to increasing support to al-Qaeda-linked organizations.

Meeting a European lawyers delegation, al-Zoubi pointed out that the French policy in the region has lost its sobriety and balance through swaying far from the interests of the French people and state and adopting the logic of personal interests.

Al-Zoubi added that it would be better for France to put its capabilities to serve the Syrian government in its war against terrorism as it is just a matter of time that terrorism will reach Europe, adding that the western countries do not implement their commitments towards combating terrorism.

The Minister noted that France, Turkey and Qatar have formed an Arab, Islamic, and international cover for aggression on Syria, stressing that the policies of these countries serve the Israeli interests.

Members of the delegation stressed that France does not want to launch war against Syria, but some officials who are beneficiaries of the petrodollar are working to destroy Syria to serve their own interests.

They added that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are exporters of Wahhabism and extremist thought to the world and they are supporting terrorism.

The delegation pointed out that life in Syria is totally different from the image promoted by western media, adding that Syria is living in a state of calmness compared to what is being broadcast by the media, particularly in France.

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