Syrian Opposition Holds Rally in London to Thank Israeli Support

imagesThe Syrian opposition in their rally in downtown London carried Israeli flags while chanting slogans in support of the Israeli regime for providing health services to Al-Qaeda militants in Israeli hospitals.

Also in the past 24 hours, Syrian army soldiers tightened grip on militants after a series of operations against their concentration camps and hideouts in several areas around Syria.

Army units killed numbers of militants and injured many others in the villages of Haddadin, Rasem Bakro, Jabal al-Saharij, al-Khanat and al-Dabbaghat in Aleppo, a military source said.

The source added that militants’ concentration camps were targeted in Bustan al-Basha, al-Sakhour, Qobtan al-Jabal, Hreitan and Bani Zed, killing many of the militants, injuring others and destroying their vehicles in Handarat Camp, Hanano, Mare’, Tal Jabin, al-Mislmeih, al-Hader, Ainjara and Arom.

Meantime, informed sources said that large numbers of Syrians have returned home from Lebanon as the upcoming presidential election is approaching.

Thousands of Syrian civilians arrived in their hometowns on Sunday near the Lebanese border from the Beqa’a border passage.

Also, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) shot dead a 102-year-old Syrian man while he was asleep along with his entire family.

The radical rebels from ISIL also murdered the man’s son, his grandson, his great-granddaughter, and her mother, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The killing took place as ISIL attacked the village of Zanuba in Hama governorate.

“Some members of the family were burned alive, others killed in their sleep,” the Observatory added.

The family was from the minority Alawite group.

ISIL, renowned for its involvement in beheadings and crucifixions, is described as the most bloodthirsty terrorist group fighting the Syrian government. Rooted in Al-Qaeda’s Iraq branch, it is aimed at establishing a caliphate in the Sunni majority part of Iraq, and in Syria. It is active in both countries and is comprised of fighters of various nationalities. In February 2014, Al-Qaeda cut ties with ISIL over months of power struggle.

Recently, a senior Free Syrian Army commander said that British nationals in Syria make up the majority of the foreign members of ISIL.

“They are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists. We, the Syrian people now experience beheadings, crucifixions, beatings, murders, outdated methods of treating women, an obsolete approach to governing society. Many who participate in these activities are British,” Free Syrian Army’s Brigadier-General Abdulellah Basheer wrote in a letter to The Times.

According to Basheer, the group is predominantly foreign, with other fighters hailing from France, Germany, and Belgium, as well as a range of countries across the Middle East and Africa.

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