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Syrian President addresses several topics at government meeting

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with his governmental group concerned with measures to tackle the emerging coronavirus epidemic in the country, presenting an economic plan for the (public) trade corporation through which it intervenes as a shared merchant who can coordinate with producers and consumers and break the monopoly that merchants do.

President Assad revealed during his meeting the government concerned with the procedures to confront the new epidemic of the coronavirus that the country has gone through unprecedented conditions because of the measures caused the virus.

The Syrian President pointed out that the low number of deaths confirms that the data issued regarding the spread of the virus is realistic, indicating that the number of infections may be greater because not everyone has been examined, and considered that the low number of deaths is a positive indicator.

He put forward the idea of ​​the governmental trade corporation entering the markets effectively as a “merchant trader” to work to break the monopolies.

President Assad indicated that the government should be more dynamic in addressing these points and act quickly, but deliberately, to enhance the role of public sector institutions if it was to grant them the necessary powers or change their internal systems so that these institutions are more flexible and capable of positive intervention, and then there will be results And quick positive repercussions on citizens and soon.

He added that opening markets to farmers to sell their products directly to citizens inside the cities in many regions recently, in addition to prosecuting violators and tightening penalties against manipulators on the issue of prices, bills and trafficking in subsidized materials will create a deterrent in front of the greed of some traders.

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