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Syrian President says Turkey and US suffering from political illusions

Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, said in a speech to the members of the new Syrian People’s Assembly on Wednesday, that the political initiatives have turned America and Turkey into political jokes.

The Syrian President explained , “Despite sincere efforts by Iran and Russia to push political initiatives to solve the Syrian crisis, thanks to the United States and its agent Turkey and their representatives in the dialogue, they have transformed the initiatives into political illusions.”

“Nevertheless, we still believe in the need to support political initiatives, despite our knowledge that the other side is governed by the money and orders of its true masters outside the homeland, and that the use of political initiatives aim to trap us in order to achieve through them what they have failed to through terrorism, and this will only be with their dreams,” he said.

President Assad continued, “There is no difference between a local terrorist or an imported terrorist or a Zionist, Turkish or American soldier, as all of them are enemies on our land, and this war has proven the correctness of our positions on the basic issues, and Israel remains the enemy and Palestine is our cause.”

He added, “The Golan remains in the heart of every honorable Syrian, who does not change its status, an annexation decision by the government of a Zionist entity or an immoral American regime, and our right to return it is inseparable from our right to liberate all our lands from terrorism.”

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