Syrian Prime Minister: Efforts Exerted to Provide Basic Needs to Aleppo

Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed on Monday that the government is following with interest what is going on in Aleppo city, adding that it is aware about the difficulties facing Aleppo people because of the criminal acts committed by the armed terrorist groups.

During a visit to Aleppo city accompanied by a large delegation, Dr. al-Halqi pointed out that the armed terrorist groups attacked all economic, development and living components and affected the homeland with all its service institutions, including water, electricity, communications and development institutions.

In presence of a large number of Aleppo social and economic figures, the Prime Minister added that gas oil could not be delivered to Aleppo city because the armed terrorist groups attacked the roads leading to Aleppo, highlighting the efforts exerted to provide basic needs as soon as possible to the province.

The Prime Minister said that the government has allocated SYP 200 million to buy aid materials, SYP 100 million to buy basic needs and services and SYP 140 million to contribute to the independent budget of Aleppo province within 15 days, in addition to SYP 400 million to buy aid material in the first half of the coming year and SYP 6 billion to provide aid supplies.

He pointed out that the armed terrorist groups have sabotaged a number of mills in Aleppo countryside which resulted in shortage of flour, adding that the government is exerting serious efforts to deliver large amounts of bread via airplanes.

Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Minister of Local Administration, Omar Ghallawanji, said that the ministry prioritizes restoring security and stability to all areas in Syria and rebuilding infrastructure and facilities.

Aleppo Governor, Mohammad Wahid Akkad, reviewed the work of health, electricity, water, communications and social affairs directorates.

He pointed out to the efforts exerted to provide necessary needs of citizens in light of the sabotage acts committed by the armed terrorist groups.

The social, economic and civil personalities called for supporting the steadfastness of Aleppo in face of the fierce aggression committed by the armed terrorist groups.

They also called for clearing Aleppo of the armed terrorist groups and restoring security to all areas in Aleppo province.

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