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Syrian troops open humanitarian corridor for civilians trapped in terrorist-held areas in Idlib

Syrian government forces have opened a new humanitarian corridor in the northwestern province of Idlib for the safe exit of civilians fleeing violence by foreign-backed terrorists.

In coordination with units of Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the provincial authorities managed to open Trunbeh corridor in Saraqib area in eastern Idlib, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported on Sunday, adding that the corridor will be used on Monday morning.

The new corridor will act as a safe passage for those civilians trapped in militant-held areas to exit and head to their towns and villages that have been liberated from the clutches of the terrorists, it added.  

According to Mohammad Natouf, governor of Idlib, a full medical staff equipped with a mobile clinic and an ambulance are ready to receive the incoming locals. Furthermore, the SARC has equipped its teams to provide aid to these civilians.

He added Idlib authorities also prepared a makeshift center for those civilians wishing to go to al-Sabeel neighborhood in Hama, the capital city of a neighboring province with the same name, asserting that all necessary facilities would be provided to guarantee their return to their homes in the villages liberated from the terrorists.

Mohammad Watti, head of SARC in Idlib and Hama, for his part, said three teams equipped to assess the situation of returning families at the corridor and address their humanitarian needs.

Furthermore, the teams will also secure their access to the makeshift center in Hama, he added.

Last year, the Syrian government troops in cooperation with Idlib authorities opened the corridor to receive students wishing to leave the region in a bid to take their exams for the basic and secondary education certificates, however, the terrorists prevented them from departure.

Parts of Idlib Hama provinces constitute the last major militant stronghold in Syria.

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