Syrian UN Envoy slams foreign hysteria to throw Syria’s elections into confusion

Syrian UN Envoy slams foreign hysteria to throw Syria's elections into confusion

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari highlighted an “aggressive hysteria” that has swept some Western and Arab capitals since presidential elections in Syria were announced, adding that this hysteria has started to move into the UN lobbies.

According to SANA, speaking to the Syrian al-Ikhbaria TV late Tuesday, al-Jaafari said the countries conspiring against Syria have distributed hostile roles among themselves, with France “taking upon itself the role of inciting public opinion against Syria inside the international organization.”

He slammed as “futile” the recently French-drafted resolution at the Security Council on referring the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The resolution, al-Jaafari said, aimed at “piling up political pressure on the Syrian government and throwing into confusion the presidential elections so as to end up in a state of constitutional, political and security vacuum.”

The final aim of all of that, he added, is to make the Syria state a failure so that it sovereign immunity could be withdrawn and its doors left ajar before foreign intervention under whatever cover, bet it that of the humanitarian file, combating terrorism or the ICC.

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