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VIDEO: Syrian villagers force US military convoy to turn back

Arab tribesmen in the Al-Hasakah Governorate forced a U.S. military convoy to turn around this week after it approached their villages in the Tal Tamr countryside.

According to a report from Al-Hasakah, the Arab tribesmen, some armed with shovels, approached the U.S. military convoy and began shouting for them to turn around.

The tribesmen also chanted in support of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, as the U.S. convoy began to turn around and change its route.

A school teacher named Mahmoud told Sputnik Arabic on Tuesday that dozens of people gathered to confront the U.S. military convoy and force them to change their route.

“The American armored vehicles approached the people who attacked the American armored vehicles spontaneously and threw stones at them, holding the American occupation forces and its agents responsible for what is happening in their areas of theft of oil. And the smuggling of wealth, and now, as last year, the start of burning agricultural crops for farmers,” Mahmoud said.

“The residents called out, while facing the American armored vehicles, with their bare breasts, stones, slogans and chants glorifying the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian leadership, and President Bashar al-Assad, demanding the immediate exit of the occupant so that the Syrian Al-Jazeera would return as it was to the country,” he added.

The Sputnik Arabic report later released a video showing the moment the Arab tribesmen confronted the U.S. convoy in western Tal Tamr.

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