Syrians and Russians: Syria Will Achieve Victory over Terrorists and Their Supporters in the US, Europe and Gulf

Members of the Syrian community in Russia and the Russian people stressed once again that what Syria is facing today is a continuation of the war launched against it because of its national stances, its support to the resistance and its rejection to submit to the domination powers.

The comments came in an oratorical and artistic festival organized by the Anti-globalization Movement and the Association of Russian Officers Who Formerly Served in Syria with the participation of the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia, marking the 39th anniversary of Tishreen (October) Liberation War.

The speakers expressed confidence that Syria and its armed forces will achieve victory and eliminate the mercenary terrorists who are equipped with Zionist and western weapons, thus dealing a strong blow to those who support them in America, Europe and the monarchies of the Gulf.

They stressed that the ferocious aggression on Syria aims to undermine the resistant national project, hailing Russia’s stances in support of the Syrian people and their just cause against those who want to weaken Syria and destroy the infrastructure of the state.

Head of the Association of the Russian Officers Who Formerly Served in Syria, Valery Anisimov, awarded Syria’s Ambassador in Russia, Riad Haddad the Order of Alexander Nevsky in appreciation of his efforts in deepening bilateral relations between the people of the two countries.

In turn, Ambassador Haddad presented the Order of Tishreen Liberation War to the Russian veterans who formerly served in Syria and an award of appreciation to be delivered to the mother of the Russian soldier Alexandr Terichev who was martyred in Syria on October 5th, 1981.

Delivering his speech, Ambassador Haddad reviewed the achievements of Tishreen Liberation War, expressing the Syrian people and leadership’s appreciation to Russia’s support, and hoping to further boost the cooperation between the two sides in the interest of their people.

He hailed Russia’s influential presence in the international forum which serves the interest of the international community as a whole which needs to replace the use of force and the desire to dominate with the values of justice, rights, equality.

He added that the international community should focus on sovereignty of states and not allowing interference in their internal affairs, which was clearly manifested in Russia’s veto at the Security Council to preserve Syria’s independence and sovereignty and give its people the opportunity to choose their path in life away from pressure and threats which lead to nowhere but more tension.

At the conclusion of the festival’s activities, the participants sent two letters of appreciation to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin, through which they expressed their stance in support for Syria in its struggling for protecting its sovereignty and combating terrorism.

They underlined that the stances taken by Russia and China in the Security Council prevented the extremists and takfiris from repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria, as they also prevented the western countries from achieving their goals in destabilizing the Middle East.

The two letters reviewed the elements of the conspiracy against Syria and the region as the western countries seek to sow sedition and instability in the region, reminding of what the fake ‘democracy’ has done to the Middle East, as it provides nothing but suffering and pain.

The twin letters called the Syrian people to be assured that the world is a large state which would always help Syria and support its just issue.

In interviews made by the Syrian Media Center in Moscow, Anisimov, renewed solidarity with the Syrian friends , pointing out that Syria achieved victory in October War, 1973, considering that it is now going ahead in achieving victory against the U.S and Zionist.-backed terrorism and extremism.

He expressed regret that some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar confirmed their treachery with arming and funding armed mercenaries and terrorist groups, and then sending them into Syria.

For her part, Russia 24 Channel reporter, Anastasia Popova, told the Center that Syria is undergoing a fierce media war, launched by western states, stressing that the western journalists provide one-sided image about the events in Syria, as they also distort the content.

She emphasized that she watched how western journalists reporting stories from Homs and other cities conveyed the events in a way different from what she saw and heard in those areas.

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