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Syria’s Assad, a hero: Virginia senator says

Syria's Assad, an American hero? One Virginia senator says

In a two-page letter, a Virginia state senator praised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for, among other things, taking on America’s ‘arch-enemy’ Al-Qaeda. Assad posted the letter on his Facebook page.
Richard Black, a Republican representing northern Virginia’s Loudoun County, also praised the Syrian president for his “heroic” defense of religious minorities.
The senator heaps praise on Assad and his army for protecting Syria’s Christians and the small Jewish community in Damascus. Senator Black says he is “grateful” to Assad for “following the practice of your father” and allowing Syria’s Christians and Jews to practice their faith.
But the focus of the Virginia politician’s letter is on Assad’s valiant and “misunderstood” battle against extremist militants carrying the flag of Al-Qaeda. He says that Americans who believe Assad is resisting a moderate and democratic opposition have been “tricked” into supporting the same terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks. Black tells Assad that only he stands in the way of terrorists who would “turn airliners into fireballs” at Washington’s Dulles International Airport.
“I pray that the Syrian armed forces will continue to exhibit extraordinary gallantry in the war against terrorists,” he concludes.
The letter, dated April 1, was posted Sunday on Assad’s Facebook page.
“Americans have fought against Al-Qaeda for 12 years in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Black said. “I find it abhorrent that we train and equip those same men to fight against American interests in Syria,” Black questioned.

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