Syria’s militants advancing US imperialist agenda in Mideast


A political analyst tellsPress TV that the Syrian opposition has no intention of democracy and they will create instability and tremendous human suffering which will also spread to other countries in the region.

The comments came after the political arm of foreign-sponsored militants fighting against the Syrian government rejected an invitation from Russia for peace talks. Moaz al-Khatib, whose group is supported by certain Western states and their regional allies like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, said that he had declined the Russian offer and wanted an “apology” from Moscow for what it described as Russia’s support for the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: We have Russia calling on the opposition to prepare for dialogue, but the opposition says regime change is its main goal, and it does this through terror attacks, by attacking civilian homes and turning them into insurgent hideouts. So just how can such an opposition be advocating peace and democracy in Syria?

Short: They are not advocating peace and democracy. That is the propagandistic doublespeak that the World War talks about 1984 coming from the Untied States and its partner NATO. They have no intention of democracy. It is not practiced in this country. Why would they be able to export it some place else?

We have got an imperialistic country on steroids with these Salafists killers carrying out their agenda.

Press TV: And the question is if regime change does happen and Assad is toppled, what will the circumstances on the ground be?

Short: God forbid, a situation worse than Libya, worse than Somalia, worse than the problems in Iraq, a sectarian killing, clan killing, just genocide of minority groups and also this will spread as it is spreading to Lebanon and to Jordan and it will create instability and tremendous human suffering of which I can imagine it will also spread to Iraq. It is just a genocidal waste of Muslim lives by the American imperial empire.

Press TV: We also hear that Turkey has deployed Patriot missiles along its border with Syria. How detrimental will this be to Turkey itself?

Short: Well I have said it before, Erdogan is a self hating Turk who wishes he was white, who is willing to destroy his country to get pat on the head by the European nations that will never accept him.

These Patriot missiles if you ask me are not meant for Syria, they are meant to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran in the future. It is a way to get those kinds of weapon systems in to go after this significant country that is really the upcoming regional power, that is pointing a proper way for a new world order to the Non-Aligned Movement as well as showing that you can have a modernized Shia Islam that can produce technology and social advancements that could change the whole world.

They want to destroy this system and so the missiles are to intimidate the people of Iran who have proved consistently despite the CIA and these illegal sanctions and the murder of their scientists and terrorist groups like MKO and Jundallah and the Baluchis and everyone else that they can stand and defy the greedy kleptocratic imperialistic violent races capitalist movement of the Anglo American empire.

That is what these missiles are for, is to try to intimidate the people but I believe they will stand.

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