Targeting Syria promotes the “israeli” interests

“So we did not listen to the Arabs decide to recall their ambassadors from israel”
Several current and political analysts in Lebanon, Palestinian and Egyptian denounced the decision of the Arab League on Syria.

Vice President of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, Sheik Nabil Kaouk, said that targeting Syria promotes the interests of the israeli enemy.

“Some U.S. officials in the Arab world have become part of the aggression against Syria as they were in 2006 against the Lebanese resistance,” he said in a speech in the Lebanese village of Ain Qana, saying the bet on the United States is a kind of stupidity.

Sheikh Kaouk wondered where was the role of the Arab League during the israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006 and against the Gaza Strip. “So we did not listen to the Arabs decide to recall their ambassadors from israel,” he blasted.

For its part, the Syrian National Socialist Party in Lebanon condemned the decision, saying it is “a violation of the charter of the Arab League and a crime policy that go up in smoke premeditated joint Arab action.”

In a statement issued after its meeting today chaired by its chief As’ad Hardan, the party said that this decision is to plan to erase the Arab identity and give up the Palestinian cause and accused the Arab League to put the region on a volcano.

“Syria has dealt positively with the Arab initiative, but the Arab League, instead of taking a positive position, confirmed that it is subject to the dictates of Western and zionist and is spearheading the attack against Syria, “ruled the statement.

The representative of the coalition of Palestinian forces in Lebanon, Abu Imad Ramez, said at a rally organized by the oratory Palestinian national leadership of the Baath Party in Lebanon during the recovery movement, the Palestinians owe much to the Syria since the latter has always supported the Palestinian cause.

For its part, the secretary of the organization As-Saika (lightning), Ghazi Hassan, said that Syria is exposed to a malicious plot because of his national positions regarding the Arab issues.

For its part, the Secretary of the direction of movement of independent Nasserites, Mustafa Hamdan, criticized the decision of the board of the Arab League, adding that Syria will win thanks to the will of its people, its army and its leadership.

Similarly, the gathering of independent development in Lebanon denounced the decision, calling the Arab League to unite the Arabs and not a prelude to foreign intervention in the internal affairs of its members.

The leader of the Lebanese al-Wefaq, Bilal Taqi Ed-Din, described as arbitrary and unjust decision of the Arab League.

In Egypt, many analysts and journalists have pointed out that the decision of the Arab League is part of the conspiracy against Syria, lamenting that it is taken by “brothers” who have agreed to be the slaves of the West .

The editor of the newspaper “al-Arabi al-Mawqif” Mounaf Abdel Azim, said that the conspiracy against Syria, hatched by the United States and Western countries, is to undermine the Arab and regional role of Damascus.
“History gives us evidence of the victory of the Arab peoples face conspiracy and colonialism, so we do not fear for Syria,” he said.

In turn, political analyst Mohamed Ala’a Imam said that the decision had surprised every Arab citizen honest as it was in Syria, “the last fortress of the Arab nation.”

In a related context, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union Samih Khreis said on Sunday that the Arab League resolution on Syria is null and void because its charter stipulates that the council can only consider conflicts between two member countries.

In an interview with the Syrian TV, Khreis said that the conspiracy against Syria is due to its support of Arab resistance and adherence to Arab concerns and identity, adding that the issue of suspending Arab League membership must be decided in meeting on the level of kings and presidents, not foreign ministers, and the decision must be unanimous.

He stressed that the Arab League Council overstepped its jurisdiction, discussing an internal issue and contradicting itself in terms of its charter which states that each member country must respect the existing government in every other member country and not take any action that may change the government of any country.

Also Syrian artists on Sunday strongly condemned the Arab League’s resolutions on Syria, stressing that the Syrian people support the reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

“Syrian artists see that the Arab League stood by those who seek to destabilize our homeland and miss the opportunities offered by President al-Assad of reforms instead of supporting the Syrian people who have been backing and defending the Arab causes,” A statement by the Syndicate of Artists said.

The statement added that the Arab League’s stance indicates it began to go towards abyss because it is nothing without Syria.

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