Tel Aviv Stock Exchange index declines after aggression on Gaza

The price of Israeli currency, shekel, and the Israeli bourse have registered a sharp decline, following the aggression on the Gaza Strip and the resistance’s responses.

The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar has declined since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza yesterday, as the dollar’s exchange price hit on Thursday morning 3.96 INS, coinciding with the sharp decline of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, where 25 leading companies declined sharply this morning.

The trading in “Tel Aviv” bourse was normal and ordinary yesterday – until 4:07 pm when the news of the assassination of the leader of Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigades, Ahmed Jabari, was published, the trading ended up with a decline in the indexes

Fears of the military escalation have been reflected on the trading of the foreign currency.

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