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Tens of millions participate in the electronic media campaign

The media electronic campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails, launched by a group of Palestinian activists on social networking sites, managed to shed the light on the prisoners’ issue and to re-activate the international support for the Palestinian hunger strikers in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The campaign, which was launched on Monday under the title of the Electronic Day to Support Palestinian Prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli Jails, started first as an idea in News of Prisoners group, and then it developed to include more than 500 pages, and it managed to unite millions on Facebook, who changed their profile pictures and shared content on social networking sites to raise the voice of the prisoners on hunger strike.

The campaign’s directors stated that it was not limited to young activists, but many official and popular Palestinian and Arab segments, including various Palestinian factions’ pages, have participated in the campaign, in addition to the Participation of official governmental pages such as Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and the Ministry of prisoners in Ramallah, as well as all prisoners’ institution with their various orientations for the first time in one campaign

The campaign managed to break the media ban practiced by the occupation against the issue of the Palestinian prisoners where hundreds of solidarity images were designed in favor of the campaign.

International and famous figures have participated in the campaign, including the Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff, the British journalist Lauren Booth, the American activist Aisha Schwartz, and Italian activist Rosa Hanico in addition to hundreds of European activists.

The campaign achieved record figures, where hundreds of designs, images, articles and videos were translated to different languages and shared on various social networking sites in solidarity with the prisoners.

For her part, the campaign’s spokeswoman Lara Yahya said that this campaign is able to achieve record participation, where thousands of tweets and facebook pages with their different orientations around the world especially from U.S and European countries have participated in the campaign.

Yahiya explained that the prisoners’ families have appreciated the campaign’s efforts especially sending messages of solidarity to the families’ phones.

The campaign has topped the Palestinian, Arab, and foreign media, Yahya added, stressing that it managed to reactive the issue of prisoners.

The online journalism and new media specialist, Wadah Eid, confirmed that this campaign was “the largest and most important organized campaign to support the prisoners in occupation jails over the past years, where it managed to reach anyone interested in the Palestinian issue at the international level.”

This campaign was effectively used in social networking pages in order to revive an important part in the Palestinian issue, where the Palestinian media registered its name in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” he said.

He added that this unprecedented success and this paradigm shift in the Palestinian media will inspire many more electronic campaigns. He thanked the unknown soldiers who worked hard day and night for the success of this campaign.

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