Tens of Thousands of Iraqi Families Displaced in Al-Anbar Province

16e55b0832a3109e02a95cd1dca71b03_LTens of thousands of Iraqis have been displaced because of the fighting in the Western Iraqi province of Al-Anbar.
According to an IRIB report, Mohammad Al-Khazaie, the deputy head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Organization, confirmed on Thursday that over 23000 Iraqi families have fled their homes in the Western Iraqi province of Al-Anbar, because of the heavy fighting in that province.
The Iraqi army has been conducting operations in Al-Anbar province since 21st December 2013, fighting various militant and terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
Mohammad Al-Khazaie added: “Displaced families are currently living in schools and other public institutions, and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society is providing them with food, and essential services, and other essential items, such as medicines, so that they can go back to their homes once the fighting has subsided in Al-Anbar province”.
The deputy head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Organization added: “Some of the displaced families have moved to other Iraqi provinces such as Najaf, Karbala, Baghdad, and Salaheddine Province.

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