Terror attacks planned to spread Islamophobia

A political analyst says terror attacks such as the recent ones in France are originally designed to spread Islamophobia, Press TV reports.

“I think we are in the midst of a major psychological operation, a series of Mossad-style concocted events designed to feed and poison minds towards Islamophobia; and this is of course in the context of the big deception of 9/11, which has never been dealt with,” Anthony Hall, a professor of globalization at Lethbridge University, said.

He added that Western countries are intentionally using certain terms such as “conspiracy theory” to dismiss “serious discussions” about the reasons of these terror attacks and to deviate minds from the real beneficiaries of such incidents.

Hall also underlined that the people of the world have never seen any real and neutral investigation of the terror attacks, adding, “We need investigations by credible investigators, not the usual suspects like those that are playing us through these stories.”

Hall said that news agencies like the BBC and CBS, which should in theory be a source of truth, are functioning as “propaganda agencies” for the so-called global war on terror.

Hall’s remarks came after a wave of terrorist attacks in France, which left 17 people dead last week.

European countries have repeatedly expressed concern that the European militants who have joined acts of terror in Syria and Iraq, may use their combat skills against their home countries once they return.

According to the head of the European Union (EU) police agency, Europol, as many as 5,000 EU nationals have left the continent to join terrorist militants fighting overseas.

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