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“Terror Sponsors Must Stop Blaming Tehran for Own-created Problems”

Iran has dismissed as baseless and bogus allegations leveled against the Islamic Republic at a session of the IISS Manama Dialogue 2019 in Bahrain.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Sunday, “The very countries that spawn and promote terrorism and extremism and have interfered in the internal affairs of others by violating the principle of good neighborliness, and [those who] have weakened regional security by attracting the alien forces, cannot attribute their self-created problems to the Islamic Republic of Iran by putting the blame on others.”

“The military aggression led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen, the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent women and children, the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, resorting to colonialist behavior in an attempt to topple legitimate governments and to install puppet regimes will not be cleared from the historical memory of the public in the region and the world,” he added.

The Iranian spokesman called on these countries to abandon illusion, accept realities, exercise dialog and boost collective cooperation to ensure stability, security and progress in the region.

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