Terrorism Started in Syria, Damascus Key Part in This Fight: Shaaban

361174_Syria-ArmySyria is a key part in the fight against terrorism, since it started in this country four years ago, President Bashar al-Assad’s aide, Buthaina Shaaban said on Friday.

“Terrorism didn’t start in Syria today, it started four years ago” when the conflict started in Syria, Shaaban was quoted as saying by state news agency SANA.

“So it is crucial that its victim, which has been damaged by this scourge, be a key part of the fight against terrorism,” she said.Buthaina Shaaban

Her comments came as the United States assembles a coalition to tackle the Takfiri group ISIL, which is operating in Syria and Iraq.

The coalition pointedly does not include Syria, and Washington has said it plans air strikes on Syrian territory but it will not work with the government in Damascus, something that Syria has repeatedly warned that it would violate its sovereignty.

Other countries including Russia, China and Iran, have also been left out of the coalition, to Syria’s chagrin.

All countries that adopted a UN Security Council resolution against the Islamic State “must be part of the fight against terrorism”, Shaaban said.

She also criticized a speech by US President Barack Obama on Wednesday, saying it had “many shortcomings”.

“No force can fight terrorism… from aircraft. They must be in touch with the victims of terrorism,” she added.

Source: AFP

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