Terrorist Attack in West Iran Injures 4 Border Guards

A terrorist group launched an attack on Iranian border police troops on patrol near the western city of Baneh, injuring four, governor of the county told Tasnim.

According to Governor of Baneh Mohammad Fallahi, the “anti-Revolution terrorist groups” attacked a border police patrol vehicle on Thursday night, injuring four security forces.

The shoot-out with border guards broke out in ‘Barde Bouk’ road near Abulhassan village in the vicinity of Baneh.

Perpetrators of the attack are on the loose and a manhunt is underway to catch them, Fallahi added.

The four victims are not in critical situation and are recovering from injuries, the governor explained.

Located in Iran’s western province of Kordestan, Baneh is only 20km away from Iran-Iraq common border.

Last month, terrorists attacked an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps border post in the same province, killing 10 IRGC forces.

The IRGC said later that “a deadly and crushing revenge” awaits the terrorist and anti-revolutionary groups and their supporters for committing that crime.

The IRGC is tasked with protecting the country’s northwestern and southeastern borders.

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