Terrorist Centers Hit Heavily in Syrian Army Assaults across Hama Province




The Syrian Army stormed the militant groups’ defense lines and fortified positions in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Hama province, the army said Sunday, adding the militants suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.

“Militant groups’ vehicles and missile launching pads deployed near the village of Lahaya were destroyed in the army attack, meantime, scores of the terrorists were killed or wounded in the Syrian soldiers’ attacks near the village of Maarkaba,” the army said.

“The army also engaged in heavy fighting with the militants near the town of Ma’an in the Northeastern part of Hama, which claimed the lives of many terrorists,” the army further added.

“The militant groups’ concentration centers near Skeik and Atshan in the Northern part of the province came under the heavy attack of the Syrian army, which ended in the destruction of the terrorist groups’ military grid,” the army went on to say.

On Saturday, the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front’s military grid was heavily destroyed in the Syrian fighter jets’ raids in the Northern and Northwestern parts of Hama province.

The Syrian warplanes carried out several sorties over the Nusra sites near the town of Morek in the Northern part of Hama, and targeted the sites which inflicted major damage on the militants’ machinegun-equipped vehicles, weapons and ammunition.

In the meantime, the Syrian fighter jets hit the Takfiri militants’ position and logistic movements hard in Lahaya, Atshan , Maarkaba and Kafr Naboudah in the Northern and Northwestern parts of Hama, which ended in destruction of the terrorists’ military equipment in large scale.

The militant groups also suffered a heavy death toll in the raids.

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