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“Terrorist groups in pursuit of sectarian war among Muslims”



Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Taqi Pour Mohammadi, representative of eastern Azerbaijan Province in the parliament, stressed to understand the instances of the right and wrong are among the most important missions of religious scholarship criticizing Takfiri groups for their pursuit of sectarian war among Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Enemies, making use of their universal media, are struggling to project the wrong as right” slamming Takfiri terrorist groups for domination of the wrong over right through Al Saud petrodollars.

Prayer leader of Maragheh City noted that terrorist groups have no objective but to spread insecurity in the region in a bid to guarantee the security of the Zionist regime of Israel saying,” It is a fact that Takfiri terrorism is providing the interests of the US and Zionist regime in the Middle East region.”

Hujjat-ul-Islam PourMohammadi, referred that the recent failures of US-affiliated terrorist groups in the region has led to the anger of the infanticide regime and added,” Saudi crimes in Yemen will never be forgotten while it is claiming to be a supporter of the human rights.”

He said,” Some western governments are the main reasons for insecurity in the world and the fire sparked by Wahhabi-backed terrorist and Takfiri groups will burn all nations.”

Member of the Assembly of Experts stressed that the other reason for launching terrorism in the Middle East region is to uproot the Islamic Revolution.”

The cleric also slammed Salafis and terrorist Takfiri groups for sparking sectarian war among Muslim nations in the west highlighting the mission of seminaries and scholars for enlightening and maintaining spiritual support for the Islamic resistance.

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