Terrorist israel in line with Daesh goals in Syria



Israel is talking up the case for splitting Syria in two. At least two senior Israeli spokespeople have clearly stated their belief that dividing Syria is “the only possible solution.”

The current conflict has already destroyed large parts of the country and there are many doubts that a ceasefire plan for Syria, agreed upon recently, would succeed. 17 countries, including the US, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran, agreed on a temporary ceasefire and called for humanitarian access to besieged Syrian towns.

However, reports say Israel has backed the fight against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, with eyewitness reports of Israeli vehicles transporting injured militants to hospitals. Meanwhile, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have suggested a ground operation if the US-led coalition agrees to. Saudi Arabia has already based warplanes in Turkey. The Syrian foreign minister has warned against any ground operations, a warning echoed by Russia, Iran and Iraq.

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