Terrorist israeli forces attack Palestinians in East al-Quds

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Terrorist israeli forces have attacked Palestinians in East Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the situation remains tense in the occupied Palestinian lands.

Fierce clashes erupted on Wednesday between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces at a checkpoint near Shuafat refugee camp in East al-Quds.

The Israeli soldiers attacked the Palestinian protesters with tear gas and sound bombs.

Elsewhere, in Silwan, Israelis razed to the ground the house of Palestinian man Abdel Rahman al-Shaludi, who Israel says rammed his car into a railway stop in al-Quds, killing two people on October 22. He later died of injuries sustained from gunfire by Israeli forces.

The Tel Aviv regime claims that the ramming of the car was deliberate; but, the family of the 21-year-old said it was an accident.

Israeli forces also attempted to destroy the houses of other Palestinians in the Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood of East al-Quds, where Palestinian people prevented the move.

Israel decided to demolish the houses after four Israelis were killed in an attack on a synagogue in west al-Quds on Tuesday.

The two Palestinian men, reportedly armed with axes and handguns, entered the synagogue in Har Nof, killing the four Israelis, and leaving several others wounded. The two were then fatally shot by Israeli security forces.

Tensions have been running high in East al-Quds since Israeli troops shot dead a young Palestinian man in northern occupied territories last week. Israeli forces claim Khair al-Din Hamdan was shot during a raid, but video footage released after the incident shows an Israeli soldier getting out of his car and shooting directly at Hamdan.

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