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Terrorist SDF Agrees to Withdraw from Military Bases in Hasaka after Popular Uprising

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) agreed to pull out its fighters from its military bases in Hasaka after recent protests and popular uprising in the province.

“After attending a meeting with elderly tribesmen in Southern Hasaka, the SDF accepted to withdraw from its military bases in populated outskirts of Hasaka and also agreed to release the arrested people and stop forced recruitment of soldiers,” Maza Hamad al-Asa’ad, a tribesman leader in Eastern Syria, said.

The tribal leader reiterated that the agreement took place after widespread protests took place in several regions of Hasaka, specially in al-Shadadi region in Southern Hasaka.

Osama Bashir, another tribal leader in Eastern region, also emphasized that amid threats by Turkey to launch military operation in Eastern Euphrates, the Kurdish forces agreed to withdraw from their military bases as they fear from Arab tribal leaders’ imminent support for Turkish military intervention in Hasaka.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, clashes were reported in Southern Hasaka after protesters from various Arab tribes took to the streets and called for the expulsion of the US army men and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from Northeastern Syria, a militant-affiliated website reported.

Baladi news website reported that protesters, mainly from the Arab al-Mahasen tribe, clashed with the US soldiers in al-Aam street in the town of al-Shadadi in Southern Hasaka after the US artillery attack killed the entire members of a family from the same tribe.

Baladi further said that a large number of civilians in al-Shadadi and in the villages of al-Hana Sharqi, al-Sarab and Saleh al-Leil in Southern Hasaka took to the streets, protesting against the US-backed SDF and SDF-affiliated security forces of Asayesh.

In the meantime, field sources reported that the protestors attacked 2 bases of Asayesh and set fire at their flags and their leaders’ photos, calling for their expulsion from their region.

They added that the SDF, in response, opened fire at the protestors and launched artillery attacks on several neighborhoods, injuring several civilians.

A militant-affiliated website reported on Sunday that Arab tribes in Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria demanded the Syrian Army to deploy its guards at border with Turkey after the Ankara forces’ threats to launch an imminent large-scale operation against the Kurds on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

Zaman al-Wasl reported that the Kurdish militias try to hold different meetings with Arab tribes in Hasaka, Raqqa and Aleppo provinces to persuade them to join them in battle against the Turkish troops.

It further said that the Kurds had several meetings with Arab tribes in al-Safir region in the town of Ra’as al-Ein in Northwestern Hasaka, adding that all tribal elites called on the SDF to hand over border control to the Damascus force to deter a Turkish invasion.

In the meantime, local sources in Hasaka province pointed to the Kurdish concerns about the Turkish troops’ operation, and said that the Kurds have transferred prisoners and detainees from their Alaya jail in the town of Qamishli in Northeastern Hasaka to their central jail in Hasaka city.

The sources further said that the Kurds have turned residential units in al-Mahtah and al-Abrah neighborhoods in Ra’as al-Ein in Western Hasaka to military bases, adding that differences have also been increasing among the Kurdish militias in Northern Syria after the SDF arrested one of its commanders on charges of cooperation with the Ankara-backed Free Army.

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