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Terrorist SDF rejects handing over key town to Syrian gov’t, asks Russia to intervene

The spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, told Kurdistan 24 on Sunday that the SDF rejects handing over the key town of ‘Ain ‘Issa to the government, while calling on Russia to intervene to stop Turkey and its allied militants there.

“There are no changes to the control of Ain Issa. We are committed to previous agreements, and there are no new understandings. If there are to be new deals, they will be officially announced,” Gabriel told journalist Wladimir van Wilgenburg of Kurdistan 24.

“Our communications with the Russian forces in the area are in place, especially concerning Ain Issa and other violations in the region,” he continued.

According to Gabriel, the communication between the SDF and Russia has to do with stopping the Turkish forces and their allied militants, which launched a powerful attack on ‘Ain ‘Issa over the weekend.

“The communications are focused on stopping the attacks by the armed groups, and we are awaiting a transparent and practical response from the Russian side to stop the violations committed by the Turkish-backed armed groups.”

While the offensive was the most powerful attack by the Turkish-backed militants on the ‘Ain ‘Issa countryside this year, they were unable to advance at this front.

According to local sources, the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to fend off all of the attacks by the Turkish-backed militants, resulting in their subsequent withdrawal from the town’s vicinity.

The Turkish-backed militants had attempted to capture the village of Al-Musharifah in the ‘Ain ‘Issa countryside, but were forced to withdrawal after suffering heavy casualties.

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