Niether Ahlul Sunnah, Muslim nor Human do this brutal, savage acts

Human-faced savage monster US, israel, West, Democracy defenders, S. Arabia, Qatar, Turkey-backed, support, financed terrorists of the Free Army has exploded a booby trapped car near the school of Abdulla Bin Zubair in the middle of the Syrian Capital Damascus claiming dozens of martyrs and injuries.

More than 20 martyrs and dozens of the injured parsons are the initial toll of the suicidal blast of car bomb occurred at 11 am in the edges of al-Mazra’a neighborhood near the school, what resulted in victims, the destruction of two building and dozens of burned cars near the infantry bridge of al-Hayat hospital, according the correspondent of Breaking News Network in the blast place.
The reporter points out that black smoke has covered the area, while the ambulance cars have arrived to rescue the injuries.

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