Terrorists abandon several areas in east Daraa as Syrian troops advance

The rebel forces have abandoned several areas in the eastern countryside of the Daraa Governorate this afternoon.

Starting with Alma, the rebel forces completely abandoned the town after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the nearby Battalion 49 Base.

Following the capture of Alma, the Syrian Army began their push into the strategic town of Al-Hirak, which has long been a rebel stronghold in east Daraa.

However, the Syrian Army found the town mostly abandoned by the rebels after they suffered losses due to the heavy bombardment by the Russian Air Force.

With Al-Hirak and Alma under their control, the Syrian Army swept through several more areas, including the large hilltop of Talat Al-Sakar, Battalion 279 Base, and small town of Al-Sourah.

The rebel forces have seemingly conceded these localities to the Syrian Arab Army in order to reinforce more important areas around the Daraa Governorate.

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