Terrorists Demand US to Establish Airbase in Damascus


 Terrorists in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus have called on Washington to set up an airbase in the region, media sources said on Thursday.

The Russian Reconciliation Center revealed on its facebook page that at least two terrorist groups in Eastern Damascus have officially demanded the US to establish an airbase in the region.

Noting that the demand has been raised with the aim of weakening Russia’s role to end the clashes in the region, the Center said that any move by the US in this regard contradicts the international laws and will delay efforts to establish peace in Syria.

In a relevant development in the same province on Wednesday, the Syrian Army stormed again the strongholds of the Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Southwestern Damascus, coming closer to the terrorists’ largest bastion in the region, military sources confirmed on Wednesday.

The sources said that the army soldiers clashed fiercely with Al-Nusra terrorists close to Bardaya hill and managed to seize control over the Eastern direction of the hill covering a region from Northeast of Beit Jinn farm up to the Southwest of the village of Kafr Hoor.

A large number of Al-Nusra fighters were killed and their military equipment was destroyed in the attack, they said.

The sources went on to say that the Bardaya hill is of paramount importance and its capture by the army will enable the government forces to access Beit Jinn farm that is one of the largest bastions of Al-Nusra in Western Ghouta.

In the meantime, the Al-Nusra’s missile and artillery units targeted army positions in Tal al-Sha’ar region in Eastern Quneitra to back up their comrades in Beit Jinn and slow down the army’s advances in the region.

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