Terrorists shoot at civilians praising Assad in southern Daraa

A rally of civilians protesting against rebel groups and praising President Assad has come under fire by militants in Da’el town as the Syrian Army continues to gain group across the southern province of Daraa.

Raw footage has surfaced on social media showing a group of people praising Syria’s President Bashar Assad and the country’s Army being shot at by militants.

Located approximately 14 km north of Daraa on the old Damascus-Daraa highway,  Da’el has been under rebel control since March 2013.

Yesterday, hundreds of civilians in the insurgent-held Ibt’a and Da’el towns headed toward Army checkpoints outside their towns, calling on government troops to ‘save them from militants and took over the towns as soon as possible’.

This comes as the Syrian Army forces continue to overrun opposition fighters in several battlefields across the province.

Today, the Army troops succeeded in recapturing Brigade 52 (a former Army base) along with several villages of the eastern countryside of Daraa.

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