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Thai scholar regrets US pressure on world bodies to confront Iran

A Thailand university professor said pressure by the US and the zionist regime on international bodies to confront Iran was an unfortunate fact.

Dr. Charan Malulim who is a professor at the Thammasat University’s faculty of political sciences, said in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Tuesday that the influence of the US and the Zionist regime on international bodies, initially established to defend rights of nations and countries, is a bitter reality.

He expressed regret that the organizations which should defend the rights of countries are now acting as big obstacles on the way of countries to restore their rights.

Criticizing West attempts to exercise force to gain control over world affairs, the professor said while the international bodies are supposed to facilitate access of countries to scientific and technological achievements, they are now operating in accordance with wishes of big powers.

He said the US decreasing power and Iran’s increasing influence in the region are now a source of concern for Washington and tel avive.

Malulim further stressed that the US desperate moves to press Iran is aimed at covering up its internal problems.

Commenting on the past reports by the International Atomic Energy Organization which stressed the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, he believed the new report by the nuclear watchdog indicates that it is compiled not according to technical observations but because of political pressures.

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