The battles in Homs

According to Syria 24 news source:
Other battles in Homs:

Al-Ghantu: Militia takes on fleeing rodents:

Mu’tazz Al-Za’roor
Ahmad Tahseeldaar
Ramzi Faadhel

2 others could not be identified.

Talbeesa: 2 killed. No identification.

Al-‘Aamiriyya: 1 killed and 2 wounded warblers. No details.


Sameer Khalaf
Muneeb Samaaraa

‘Aqrab: 9 killed in a firefight. No details, yet.

Bayt Hajju: 1 killed and 3 captured.

Tal Al-Ghaar: 4 captured and wounded.

Al-Wa’r Orchards: An IED factory and rocket launching base is seized. Security also found 3 field hospitals, drugs and stolen hospital equipment. (SANA) No details.

North of the Qazhal Bridge on the Homs-Missyaaf Road, militia ambushed escaping rodents as they tried to find a safe place to eat their poisoned cheese. No such luck. 11 rats killed and 8 taken prisoner in various states of health. Their fighting days are over. Only one name was sent to us:

Zayn Al-Mukhtaar

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