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The cure for envy among believers-2- Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

I f y o u s a y : “I have no choice, there is enmity within my disposition. I cannot overlook those who antagonize me.”
T h e A n s w e r : If evil character and bad disposition do not exhibit any trace, and you do not act with ill intention, there is no harm. If you have no choice in the matter, then you are unable to abandon your enmity. If you recognize your defect and understand that you are wrong to have that attribute, it will be a form of repentance and seeking of forgiveness for you, thus delivering you from its evil effects. In fact, we have written this Topic of the Letter in order to make possible such a seeking of forgiveness, to distinguish right from wrong, and to prevent enmity from being displayed as rightful.
A case worthy of notice: I once saw, as a result of biased partisanship, a pious scholar of religion going so far in his condemnation of another scholar with whose political opinions he disagreed as to imply that he was an unbeliever. He also praised with respect a dissembler who shared his own opinions.

by Long- suffering prominent sunni cleric Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a (1873- 1960) ( whose whole life passed in jails, prisons, under tortures, exile of the rulers of time in Turkey. (1873- 1960). His Eminence had sacrificed his mubarak whole life to Allah’s way and serving Islam. Ustad was representing Real Mohammadi (pbuh) Islam so He was targeted by taghutic system untill He arrived at Allah…) He had never found any time even to marry and had children SO His Eminence accepted a very prominent Sunni Cleric Ustad Hilmi Kocaaslan (Hizbullah Hakverdi) as his Spiritually Adopted Son when Ustad Hilmi was 16 years old. Ustad Hizbullah Hakverdi who has never adopted any systems opposing to the Divine Religion of Allah is living in Turkey and His eminence Ustad Hizbullah is the Complementary Successor of the Late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a. Ustad Hizbullah give so importance to Unity, Islamic Wahdat, Unified Islamic Nations, Republic of Unified Islamic States and his writings are on these topics. He emphasizes the real enemies of Islam and uncovers the real face of islamic- cloth enemies and describes the Americanized Islam.


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