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The end of time have profound meanings… Part 3


Narrations state that the terrible dissension of the Antichrist (Dajjal) will occur among Muslims, so that all the Umma have sought refuge with God from it.

None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation is this: the Muslims’ Antichrist is different. In fact, like Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him), some investigative scholars said that the Muslims’ Antichrist (Dajjal) is the Sufyan( Ustad Bediüzzaman describe Turkey as Sufyan). He will appear from among the Muslims and will carry out his work through deception. The Great Dajjal of the unbelievers is different.19 For those who do not bow to the absolute force and compulsion of the Great Dajjal are martyrs, and those who submit unwillingly are not unbelievers, and not sinners, even.


Narrations mention the Anticrist will annihilated in Damascus.

God knows best, an interpretation is this: since in early times the centres of the Caliphate were in Iraq, Damascus, and Medina, on their own interpretations, the narrators showed these events as occurring close to the centre of Islamic government, as though it was always going to remain thus, and said Aleppo and Damascus. They added their own details to the succinct predictions of the Hadith.


Narrations mention the extraordinary power of the figures of the end of time.

The knowledge is with God, its interpretation is this, that it is an allusion to the vast collective personality those figures represent. At one time, the Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Army, which had defeated Russia, was shown in a picture with one foot in the Pacific Ocean and the other foot in the fort of Port Arthur. The vastness of its collective personality was depicted in the representation of his person, and in the gigantic form of the representation. As for their extraordinarily vast power, since most of the affairs they carry out are destructive and related to the appetites, they appear to have extraordinary power, for destruction is easy; one match can burn down a village. As for the satisfying the animal appetites, since it is what the instinctual soul wants, it is much sought after.


There is a narration which says: “At the end of time, one man will look after forty women.”20

God knows what is best, this may be interpreted in two ways:

Firstly: Lawful marriage will decrease at that time, or like in Russia, it will disappear. Someone who flees from being tied to one woman, will remain at a loose end, and become a shepherd to forty unfortunate women.

The Second: It is an allusion that at that time of dissension, most of the men will perish in wars, and for some reason most of the children born will be girls. Perhaps as well, the total freedom of women will so inflame their lust that they will acquire innate superiority over their menfolk. This will result in their causing their children to take after them, and through the Divine command, girl children will be more numerous.


It says in narrations : “The Dajjal’s first day will be a year, his second day a month, his third day a week, and his fourth day a day.”21

None knows the Unseen save God, this may be interpreted in two ways:

The First: It is an allusion and sign that the Great Dajjal will appear near the North Pole or towards the north. For close to the North Pole the whole year is one day and one night. If he comes a day’s journey in this direction by train in the summer, for a month the sun never sets. If he comes a day further in this direction, the sun is visible for a whole week. When I was a prisoner-of-war in Russia I was close to this region. That means it foretells miraculously that the Great Dajjal will attack from the North in this direction.

The Second Interpretation: The three days refer to both the Great Dajjal and the Islamic Dajjal having three periods of despotism. With elevated eloquence it informs the Umma that “in his first day; in his first period of government, he will perform works so great they could not be performed in three hundred years. On his second day, that is, in his second period, he will carry out such works as could not be carried out in thirty years. In his third day and period, the transformations he will bring about could not be brought about in ten years. While in his fourth day and period he will be reduced to the ordinary and do nothing, only try to maintain his position.”


There is a definite, sound narration which says: “Rohollah (Peace be upon him) will kill the Great Dajjal.”22

The knowledge is with God, there are two aspects to this:

The First Aspect: It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the awesome Dajjal, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by God in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone. And that person will be Rohollah (Peace be upon him), who is the prophet of the majority of mankind, and whom most people follow.

The Second Aspect is this: It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus who will kill the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion which the Dajjal will form —for the Dajjal will be killed by Jesus’ (Rohollah) (PUH) sword— and destroy his ideas and disbelief, which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam and rout the Dajjal with their combined strength, in effect killing him. The narration: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will come and will perform the obligatory prayers behind the Mahdi and follow him,”23 alludes to this union, and to the sovereignty of the Qur’an and its being followed.


It says in a narration: “The Dajjal will draw his main strength from the Jews. The Jews will follow him willingly.”24

God knows best, we can say that in part this narration’s meaning was fulfilled in Russia, for the Jews, who have been persecuted by every state, gathered in large numbers in Germany in order to take their revenge. Then, due to the important role he played in the founding of the revolutionary communist party, the terrible Trotsky, who was a Jew, took over the leadership of the Russian Army, then the government after the famous Lenin, who had trained him, and they set fire to Russia and laid waste whatever it had achieved over a thousand years. They showed that they were the secret revolutionary committee of the Dajjal and they carried out some of his works. They caused serious upheavals in other countries as well, and fomented much trouble.


The events involving Gog and Magog are mentioned concisely in the Qur’an, and there are some details of them in narrations. Those details are not firmly established like the concise but incontrovertible matters of the Qur’an, and may be considered allegorical. They require interpretation. Indeed, they need to be interpreted, for the narrators’ interpretations have been mixed in with them.

Yes, None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation is this: it is an allusion and indication that just as the Manchurian and Mongol tribes, which in the heavenly tongue of the Qur’an are  called “Gog and Magog,”25 together with some other tribes, several times overturned Asia and Europe; so will they again cause chaos in the world in the future. In fact even now some of them are famous anarchists, and anarchy is born of communism.

Yes, socialism sprang up in the French Revolution from the seed of libertarianism. Then since socialism destroyed certain sacred matters, the ideas it inculcated turned into bolshevism. And because bolshevism corrupted even more sacred moral and human values, and those of the human heart, of course the seeds it sowed will produce anarchy, which recognizes no restrictions whatsoever and has respect for nothing. For if respect and compassion quit the human heart, those with such hearts become exceedingly cruel beasts and can no longer be governed through politics. Just the place for the idea of anarchy will be those oppressed, numerous raiding tribes, which are backward in respect of both civilization and government. The people who fit those conditions are the Manchurian, Mongol, and some of the Kirghiz tribes, who caused the building of the Great Wall of China, which is forty-days’ distance in length and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Expounding the Qur’an’s concise statements about them, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted their appearance miraculously and precisely.


It says in a narration in connection with Jesus(Rohollah)  (Peace be upon him) killing the Dajjal: “The Dajjal will have a colossal form, he will be extraordinarily big and taller than a minaret, while Jesus (PUH) will be very small in comparison.”26

None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation must be as follows: it is an allusion and sign that quantitively the spiritual community of muja\hidên who will recognize Jesus(Rohollah) (Peace be upon him) and follow him, will be very few and small comparatively to the ‘scientific’, physical armies of the Dajjal.


It says in a narration: “The day the Dajjal appears all the world will hear. He will travel the world in forty days and have a wondrous ass.”27

God knows best, on condition such narrations are completely sound, they miraculously predict that in the time of the Dajjal, the means of communication and travel will have so advanced that an event will be heard by all the world in a day. It will be shouted out by the radio and will be heard in east and west, and will be read about in all the newspapers. One man will travel the whole world in forty days and see the seven continents and seventy countries. These narrations thus miraculously foretold the telegraph, telephone, radio, railway, and aeroplane ten centuries before they appeared.

Moreover, the Dajjal will be heard not in his capacity as the Dajjal, but as a despotic king. And his travelling everywhere will not be to occupy those places, but to create dissension and to seduce people away from the right path. His mount or ass is either a railway train, one ear and head of which is an infernal firebox, and the other ear of which is a false paradise gorgeously adorned and furnished. He sends his enemies to its fiery head, and his friends to its feasting head. Or else his mount is an awesome motor car, or a plane, or… (silence!)


There is a narration which says: “If my community advances on the straight path, it will have one day.”28 That is, in accordance with the meaning of the verse,

On a day the space whereof will be [as] a thousand years of your reckoning,29

it will have rule and splendour for a thousand years. If it does not proceed on the straight path, it will have a day of five hundred years, and will be dominant and victorious for only five hundred years.

God knows best, this narration is not giving news of the end of the world, but of Islam’s victorious rule and the sovereignty of the Caliphate, for miraculously, that is exactly how it turned out. For because towards the end of the ‘Abbasid Caliphate its politicians lost their sense of direction, it continued only five hundred years. But because the Umma in general did not deviate from the straight path, the Ottoman Caliphate came to its assistance and it took over the rule of the Umma, which has continued in existence for one thousand three hundred years. Then because the Ottoman politicians were unable to maintain their direction, its Caliphate survived only five hundred years (as the Caliphate), and with its demise it confirmed the Hadith’s miraculous prediction. This Hadith has been discussed in other treatises, so we curtail the discussion here.

 [Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi(1873- 1960) described Turkey’s role as the Sufyan (Islamic Antichrist that Imam Ali r.a mentioned)]


the text is about 30 pages so we will present in parts to avoid bothering you…

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