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The end of time have profound meanings… Part 5

Three Brief Matters

Complementing the Previous Twenty Matters


Just as in some narrations, Jesus (Peace be upon him) is called “the Messiah” (al-Masih), so are both Dajjals called Messiah, and in all the narrations it says: “… from the dissension of the Messiah Antichrist (al-Masih al-Dajjal) … from the dissension of the Messiah Antichrist (al-Masih al-Dajjal).” What is the wisdom and meaning of this?

The Answer: God knows best, the wisdom in it is this: just as at the Divine command, Jesus (Peace be upon him) abrogated some of the burdensome ordinances of the Mosaic Law, making lawful some things agreeable to the appetites like wine, so too at the command of Satan and due to his temptations, the Great Dajjal will abrogate the injunctions of the Christian Law, and destroying the bonds in accordance with which the life of Christian society is administered, he will prepare the ground for anarchy and Gog and Magog. Similarly, the Sufyan, the Islamic Dajjal(Ustad describe Turkey as Islamic Dajjal), due to the devices of Satan and the evil-commanding soul, will try to abrogate some of the eternal injunctions of the Shari‘a of Muhammad (PBUH), and destroying the material and spiritual bonds of human life, and leaving headstrong, drunken, giddy souls without restriction, he will unfasten the luminous chains of respect and compassion. By giving people a freedom which is pure despotism so they fall on one another in a swamp of putrid lust, he will open up the way to a terrible anarchy. There will then be no way those people can be kept under control other than by the most repressive despotism.


Mentioned in the narrations are the wondrous achievements of the two Dajjals, and their superhuman power and majesty. It is foretold even that some unfortunates will ascribe a sort of godhead to them. What is the reason for this?

The Answer: The knowledge is with God, their achievements being so great and extraordinary is because since they mostly consist of destruction and exciting the appetites, they carry out those works easily, so that it says in one narration: “A single of their days is a year.” That is, the works they carry out in one year would not normally be carried out in three hundred. There are four aspects of and reasons for their power appearing to be superhuman:

• The First: Since, as the result of a Divine scheme permitting them to do so, the good things and advances which are achieved through the strength of brave armies and active nations in their despotic, huge states, are unjustly attributed to them, it leads to their persons being imagined to have the power of a thousand men. But rightfully and according to the rules, the positive good, honour, and booty won through the actions of a community should be divided among the community and given to its members. And any evils, destruction, and losses should be ascribed to its leader’s lack of precautions and faults. For example, if a batallion conquers a citadel, the booty and honour is due to their bayonets. While if there are any losses due to faulty planning, they are the commander’s.

Thus, entirely contrarily to this fundamental principle of truth and reality, since positive progress and all things good are ascribed to those fearsome leaders, and negative developments and evils are attributed to their unfortunate peoples, as the result of a Divine scheme, those persons, who deserve to be abominated by everyone, are loved by all the heedless and neglectful.

The Second Aspect and Reason: Because both Dajjals employ the severest despotism, the greatest tyranny, and the maximum violence and terror, they appear to have vast power. Yes, a despotism so extraordinary that under the cloak of laws, they intervene in everyone’s consciences and religious beliefs, and even their clothes. It is my guess that with a premonition of the future the lovers of freedom at the end of the last century perceived this awesome despotism, and letting fly their arrows at it, attacked it. But they were sorely mislead and attacked on the wrong front. It is tyranny and coercion so great that it wipes out a hundred villages because of one man, punishing hundreds of innocent people and ruining them by forced migrations.

The Third Aspect and Reason: Because both Dajjals will 

win the assistance of a secret Jewish society which nurtures a terrible desire for revenge on Islam and Christianity, and that of another secret society which uses women’s liberation as a screen, and because the Islamic Dajjal will deceive even the Masonic lodges and win their support, they will be supposed to possess tremendous power. Also, it is understood from the divinations of some of the saints that the Dajjal called Sufyan who will come to lead the Islamic world will be a leading politician who is extremely capable, intelligent, and active, does not like ostentation and gives no importance to personal rank and glory; he will be a military leader who is extremely bold, forceful, energetic, and resolute, and does not condescend to fame-seeking, and he will captivate the Muslims. Taking advantage of their lack of hypocrisy, he will have their extraordinarily brilliant works ascribed to himself, as well as the progress they have achieved driven by the severe need arising from the transformation and renewal of the large army and state and the upheavals of the First World War, and he will have it bruited everywhere by eulogists that he possesses a wondrous and extraordinary power.

• The Fourth Aspect and Reason: The Great Dajjal will have spellbinding, charismatic qualities. While the Islamic Dajjal will have fascinating, hypnotic powers in one eye. It even says in narrations: “The Dajjal will be blind in one eye.”41 By drawing attention to this and pointing out that one of the Great Dajjal’s eyes will be blind, and one eye of the other Dajjal will be blind in comparison with his other eye, the Hadith is indicating that since they will be absolute unbelievers, they will have only one eye and their sight will be restricted to this world, and they will have no eyes that see the hereafter and consequences of actions.

I too saw the Islamic Dajjal in a spirit world. I observed with my own eyes that he possessed a spellbinding hypnotic power in one of his eyes, and I understood him to be a total denier of God. He will attack religion and the sacred with a boldness and insolence arising from his absolute denial. But since the ordinary people will not know the truth of the matter, they will suppose it to be an extraordinary power and courage. Also, because such a magnificent, lucky, successful, and cunning commander, who is merely being led on by God, appears at the time of a heroic and glorious nation’s defeat, with their love of heroism the people will applaud and fete him without considering his hidden, terrible true nature, and will want to cover up his iniquities. However, it is understood from narrations that through the light of belief and light of the Qur’an in their spirits, the heroic, mujahid army and religious nation will see the truth and will try to repair that commander’s terrible destruction.

 [Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi(1873- 1960) described Turkey’s role as the Sufyan (Islamic Antichrist that Imam Ali r.a mentioned)]


the text is about 30 pages so we will present in parts to avoid bothering you…risale

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