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The “Palestinian Elite” begins empty stomachs battle in solidarity with striking prisoners

Ministry of Detainees’ and Ex-detainees’ Affairs revealed that the captive movement agreed to launch early next week the elite strike, where a group of the Palestinian elite will declare an open hunger strike in solidarity with the strikers Sharawna and al-Issawi since more than five months especially with their serious health conditions.

The elite strike will be declared protesting against the assault on al-Issawi in the court by Israeli police and guards.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday that the strike will be launched first by the elite in Israeli jails and then they will be followed by another group after a certain period, noting that the hunger strike will be accompanied by other protest steps inside the Israeli prisons.

The ministry explained that this elite strike came within a series of steps initiated by the captive movement within the prison in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, where they had declared earlier a solidarity strike each Tuesday and refused the meal provided by the prison administration.

Meanwhile, Waed association for the support of Palestinian prisoners denounced the Israeli repressive practices against the Palestinian prisoners, saying the IPS measures will lead in the near future to a new phase of an open continuing confrontation.

The association stated in its statement on Thursday that the prisons are currently witnessing an unprecedented tension because of the escalation of Israeli abuse against prisoners, including the night raids and successive inspections.

Waed stated that the conditions of prisoners Ayman Sharawna and Samer al-Issawi, about half a year into their hunger strike, will have a great impact on shaping the next confrontation, revealing that the leadership of the captive movement decided to change the equation through a clear policy to respond to assaults whatever the challenges and sacrifices.

Waed denounced the position of the international humanitarian and human rights institutions who still continue their silence towards the Israeli crimes in its prisons especially the Israeli last attack on al-Issawi in the courtroom despite his illness where he went on hunger strike since several months.

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