The Times: British Terrorists Killed in Syria Were Gunmen who Attacked Syrian Army, Not Journalists

The British Newspaper “The Times” admitted to the death of two terrorists of British nationality among the gunmen fighting in Syria by the gunfire of the Syrian army after they opened fire on an army patrol.

In an article published on Saturday, the newspaper added the international press lauded the death of the two terrorists as courageous foreign journalists which contradicts that fact that they were armed fighters.

In early 2012, the Times newspaper depicted the death of the two terrorists as victims for their inability to fit in the British society.

Publishing an article on Saturday titled ” The British pals who died waging holy war in Syria”, the newspaper said that the British Nassim Terreri, 25, and Walid Blidi, 26, were killed near the Syrian-Turkish borders last March.

In a cheap and exposed attempt to obtain sympathy and give the participation of foreign terrorists in fighting against the Syrian state and destroying its public and private properties an emotional and moral character, the newspaper said that the two men “found identity and meaning in religion” and that they were misled by those who preached jihad and martyrdom.

The newspaper interviews with other terrorists revealed that Terreri and Blidi were the first to fire on Syrian army, quoting terrorist Wassim Sabbagh as saying that untrained Britons are to blamed because they started shooting in an area controlled the Syrian forces.

Sabbagh added that his group was tasked with transporting the injured and supplies and there was no intention to fight but the two Britons started firing the moment they saw the governmental patrol car spreading panic among the group members and other group which was nearby.

The newspaper admitted that those who it called “rebels” claimed that the two men were journalists and that the international media broadcast this claim without any verification.

It also confessed to reports on growing numbers of Britons who are travelling to join fighting in Syria which raises concerns of the British intelligence system which arrested two persons in Heathrow Airport in London last week on charges of involvement in kidnapping foreign journalists in Syria by some jihadists.

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