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“The Yemeni nation and Ansarullah will definitely be victorious”

The nations, which think, have identity and have motivation, are reliant on God. They rely on Allah, and Allah the Exalted will help them, “If the faithless fight you, they will turn their backs (to flee). Then they will not find any protector or helper. It is Allah’s precedent that has passed before, and you will never find in Allah’s precedent any change.” [Qur’an, 48:22-23]. This is a divine tradition. If the Muslims stand firmly, they will achieve victory over all the apparatus of the rebel (Taghut) and arrogant powers.

Today, the people of Yemen are enduring the severest tortures from the Saudi government, its allies and the US – its main supporter. But you should know that the people of Yemen and the Ansarullah will certainly be victorious! They will not be defeated. The people of Palestine will not be defeated. The only way is resistance. That which has overwhelmed the US and its allies and has caused them to resort to talking nonsensically and to take wrong measures is the resistance of the Muslim nations. And, this resistance will have results.
Nov 25, 2018

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