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This is anti-ISIL coalition(!): Great satan US Attacked Iraqi Market, Killing 22 Civilians

Reports: US Attacked Iraqi Market, Killing 22 Civilians

According to multiple reports coming out of Iraq, US warplanes attacked the town of Hit in Anbar Province, a town recently taken over by ISIS. But the airstrikes hit a crowded marketplace and nearby apartment buildings, killing 22 civilians and wounding 43 others.
The target appears to have been an error, with reports that an ISIS meeting was going on in a building just down the street from the one attacked. It is the first major civilian death toll in Iraq from US strikes in the new war, Anti War reported.

19 Civilians Killed in US Air War in Syria until now and on 27th September A US airstrike has killed at least 7 civilians, including children, in northern Iraq.

Security sources in Anbar Provinces also reported an increase in civilian displacement from Hit, with hundreds of families fleeing because of the “intensification of the bombing of airplanes”.

The lack of decent intelligence on what the US is actually hitting in airstrikes is likely to give way to more such incidents in the weeks, months, and years to come, as officials continue to ratchet up the air war.

Also in another incident a car bomb explosion has killed at least 17 people and injured 13 others in Iraq’s Saladin Province, police and medical sources say.
Authorities said on Tuesday that the deadly attack took place on Monday evening in Abbasiya, around 15 kilometers north of the city of Samarra, when an assailant rammed an explosives-laden armored vehicle into houses.

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