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This is Bin Salman’s Role in “Deal of the Century”: Zionist Media

The zionist media outlets highlighted the Saudi role in the so-called “Deal of the Century”, despite the fact that KSA’s envoy did not attend the announcement of Trump’s plan.

The Zionist outlets confirmed that bin Salman followed all the process of the plan since its inception, adding that he used to send letters of threat to the Palestinian officials in order to oblige them to approve the deal.

The Israeli media reports also focused on the accelerating steps of normalizing ties between the Zionist entity and Saudi, highlighting the enemy’s desire to open the file of the Jewish existence in the Arab peninsula.

It is worth noting that the Zionists interior ministry had decided to allow the Israelis to visit Saudi, as reports indicate a remarkable number of Zionists attending certain KSA’s historical sites which are symbolic for the Jews.

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