This is the American solution in Syria and Iran

This is the American solution in Syria and Iran

Settling and resolving the crises began to take place in the Middle East. It seems that the U.S. was convinced to some extent after the Iraqi war that it is no longer the only player controlling the political game and its phases, that the language of war does not succeed in all crises and in various stages, and that at the end it should listen to the logic of morals, to the format of compatibility, and to the diplomatic solutions.
This is the American solution in Syria and Iran The “News Press” website mentioned earlier that settlement is on its way regarding many files in the Middle East, and that the Syrian crisis and Iran’s nuclear program will be resolved according to one sole package. However, agreeing on the Iranian program initially is a must so that to reach a solution to the Syrian crisis, and the threat of the Great War is but only an introduction to resolve this problem.

It seems that things today are really heading towards a settlement, and it was clear that the U.S. threats against Syria and the escalation that took place, were all a prelude to start solving this crisis, and this will be preceded by what seems to be a solution to resolve the differences over Iran’s nuclear program with the Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rohani.

Moreover, the settlement negotiations and the openness shown during the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations were obvious under an American recognition of the right of Tehran to possess peaceful nuclear power.

The international openness towards the Islamic Republic of Iran has began and the West appears to be convinced that the method of sanctions does not work with Iran, because Iran has confirmed repeatedly that it does not have a nuclear warfare program, and all what it seeks to do is to own a peaceful nuclear power. Yet, Iran is ready for a peer to-peer dialogue and negotiation, and not for the one that makes either party superior. In fact, the West has the ability to impose its decisions on Iran.

“The News Press” sources confirmed that things in Syria are heading towards finding a solution, after resolving issues regarding to Iran’s nuclear armaments. In fact, Iran led by Sheikh Rohani, showed openness towards the West and the West in turn showed openness towards it. Russia was seeking to unite the viewpoints within the group of 5 + 1 and to cooperate in order to stop the sanctions on Iran or to mitigate them at the beginning. This comes as a prelude to resolve this file after providing guarantees by Iran that its program is peaceful, and after recognizing Iran’s right to possess peaceful energy by Iran.

Sources indicate that “The solution to the Syrian crisis, as well as to the Iranian nuclear energy, would be enfolded in one sole settlement package, for which the U.S. is working along with Russia and in compliance with Iran and Syria within certain limitations. Those limitations have no fading party in the game of nations that is circuiting in the region. They could push towards a solution through negotiation, bring many of the crises that exhausted the region to an end, and keep the options of war away”.

The sources clarified that “Barack Obama is trying to have his special mark before leaving the U.S. presidency and wants to solve things in Syria in various ways. After he becomes sure that the logic of war is fading, he will them enter into the option of negotiations and the peaceful solution, as he wants to have an impact on the American people through solving the Iranian nuclear file and thus he is relying too much on the compromises with Russia in this regard”.

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