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Thousands in Yemen’s Sa’ada to Protest against US Support for Aggressors

Thousands held a rally in the city of Sa’ada on Monday to condemn Washington’s involvement and support for “countries of aggression” against people of Yemen.

The massive angry mass rally took place in the central city of Sa’ada province on Monday morning, under the slogan ‘The United States is Behind Military and Economic Conflict and Continuation of War and Siege of Yemen’.

The participants in the protest raised the flags of their country and chanted slogans of freedom and rejected the US hegemony, while calling the US the “Great Satan”.Volume 90%

The Deputy Governor of Sa’ada province Yahya Al-Hamran said in a statement during the protest that the US-Saudi aggression has over the past seven years bombed hospitals, schools, homes and everything in the country, stressing that this is part of an American-sponsored project to divide Yemen.

He went on to say that the US is besieging and killing people of Yemen, stressing the US and Israeli enemies will gain nothing but defeat and disappointment and called on the Yemeni people to show more steadfastness.

The organizers of the protest said in their statement that the recent American stances against Yemen including the execution of prisoners on the West Coast are proof that the US is lying about its keenness to achieve peace in Yemen and aims at misleading world’s public opinion.

The statement also said that Washington continues to provide the countries of aggression with arms and political support, making them able to continue their aggressive war and crimes against the people of Yemen.

The statement emphasized that the Saudi-UAE gamble on American support has failed, and that what has not been achieved for them in previous years would not be achieved in their present escalation, adding that Yemeni people will not surrender their legitimate right to self-defense and will liberate all Yemeni land.

The declaration also congratulated the Army, the Popular Committees, the defense, and the drones forces for their deterrent operations and powerful strikes in the depths of the countries of aggression, stating that submitting the aggression countries to the American administration and surrendering to its desires will eventually cost them a fortune and will have serious consequences.

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