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Thousands Protest against Turkish Government’s Imperialist Policies, Want Best Relations with Syria

Thousands of Turkish citizens in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities on Thursday protested against the policies adopted by the government of the Justice and Development Party, headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which is increasing tension in the region and thus threatening security in implementation of western agendas that do not serve the interests of the Turkish people.

In Istanbul city, thousands crowded in the main Taksim Square in response to calls by a number of left-wing parties raising a large banner with “No to War” written on it, accusing Erdogan government of exploiting the accident on borders with Syria to mobilize the public opinion to support its anti-peace policies.

The protesters chanted slogans condemning the US and its support to terrorism in the region, stressing that the AKP is dragging Turkey into an imperialist war by proxy under Washington’s instruction.

In Ankara, hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the Parliament building denouncing the current government’s subjugation to the western policies and being a tool in the aggression on the peoples of the region in contradiction with the Turkish interests.

The Turkish citizens stressed their keenness on preserving best relations with the Syrian people, reiterating rejection of turning their country into a base for terrorists who commit murder acts in Syria.

Amid the chanting, members of the Turkish police tried to separate the protestors by force through beating them and firing tear gas at them.

Deputy Leader of the Republican People’s Party, Muharrem Ince, said Erdogn’s government has shown no reaction or moved a finger when Israel killed 9 Turkish citizens on board the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara ship.

“Our stance is clear. We don’t want war against anyone and we don’t want to be a tool in the hands of anyone,” he stressed.

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