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Three bodies, throats slashed, found in burnt New York apartment

At least five civilians have been killed and several others wounded in a series of  mortar attacks by foreign-backed militants near the Syrian capital Damascus.

US police have found three dead bodies with their throats slashed in a burnt apartment in New York.

According to police, a fire at the apartment in the borough of Queens was reported at 4:50 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police found the bodies of a mother, a father and their 18-year-old son with throats slashed after firefighters extinguished the fire, the New York Daily News reported.

“It’s pretty obvious that it’s a homicide independent of the fire,” a police official said. “There’s blood all over the scene.”

The bodies were piled up in the living room of the six-story apartment, sources said.

The corpses were “in such a condition where we cannot identify them right now” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Bob Boyce.

“It’s a tragedy, this is very troubling, especially with the other recent incident in our community,” Councilman Peter Koo said on the scene.

“Right now it’s the Moon Festival, which is the second-biggest day in the Asian community behind the New Year,” he said. “The timing of these incidents is very troubling to the community.”

Koo said that the problems of the Asian-American community are undermined and neglected.

“A lot of Asian people are more introverted, they keep the problems inside the family, they don’t talk about our problems a lot, but Asian-Americans, we have problems like everyone else,” he said.

Three firefighters were injured while controlling the blaze.

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