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“Today, Arrogant Front’s grandeur is broken and nations talk against the US”

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on February 17, 2022, by Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, via videoconference with the participation of people from Tabriz and East Azerbaijan, commemorating the anniversary of the Tabriz Uprising of February 18, 1978.

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to God, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad, and upon his pure progeny, and may God curse all their enemies

I wish it were possible to feel the warm presence of you dear people from Tabriz and Azerbaijan at this Hussainiyyah, just like previous years. This year too, it was not possible to meet you in person. I hope that God the Exalted will help you succeed and continue the blessings that He has showered on the people of Azerbaijan and Tabriz over time.

This meeting is held on the occasion of the 29th of Bahman, 1356, which is held annually with you. This day is in fact the day of Tabriz shining in the history of the Revolution. The 29th of Bahman is a glorious day and a source of brilliance for Tabriz throughout the history of our Revolution.

The youth should benefit from the blessings of 15th of Rajab

Before speaking about the commemoration of the 29th of Bahman event, because today is the 15th of Rajab – a day of worship and supplication – I deem it necessary to say that our dear youth need to strengthen their spiritual constitution. All of us actually need this, but youth absorb spiritual materials more and better. People like me might also perform the actions of this day, but when a young person does them, they will benefit from it a lot more than people like me. This is the characteristic of youth.

Therefore, I advise young people to appreciate the opportunity of the month of Rajab. They should appreciate the opportunity of today – the 15th of Rajab. Of course, it is mentioned that today’s religious actions should be accompanied by three days’ fasting, but even without fasting, one could perform “Um ul-Dawood prayers” so that our prayers will be answered. Being in contact with God will bless your life, the country and the future of the Revolution.

The role of February 18th Tabriz Uprising in the victory of the Revolution

As for the February 18th Tabriz Uprising, first of all, it is a day of thanksgiving for Tabriz and for all of us. My discussion is related to this issue which I will continue, God willing. It is a day of thanking God. Why? Because the incident that took place in Tabriz on this day caused the Revolution to bear fruits. This incident caused the Revolution and the pre-revolutionary political activities on the ground to produce results. This was the main characteristic of the 29th of Bahman in Tabriz. Why? Because this movement was an innovative and important movement that taught and showed everyone how to continue the uprising of the 19th of Dey (January 9th) of Qom.

If Tabriz had not made that great move on February 18th, the tradition of holding forty-day commemorations and continuing the battle would not have started and become common for the Iranian nation. When the forty-day ceremony of the martyrs of Qom was commemorated in Tabriz on the initiative of the people there, it became a model. In various other cities-in Yazd, in Kerman, in cities of Fars province and in various other areas-this movement started and it brought the people to the arena of revolutionary activities, and therefore, the presence of the people led to the victory of the Revolution.

The victory of the Revolution was due to the presence of the people in the arena and in the streets. This Revolution was won neither by guns, nor by political games, nor by partisanship. It was won with the presence of the people. And the presence of the people was due to these movements, movements which started and were initiated in Tabriz. Therefore, all of us, including you dear people of Tabriz, should thank God that your move was blessed and led to the victory of the Revolution.

Azerbaijan province has been the pioneer of national unity and resistance in recent centuries

Well, the February 18th Tabriz Uprising is an event. Azerbaijan has gone through various events, and throughout history, from a few centuries ago onwards – as much as we can boldly say, from three or four centuries ago onwards – Azerbaijan has been a promoter of national unity and national resistance. In other words, Azerbaijan and Tabriz were a key point for the unity of the Iranian nation and an important center for training the Iranian people to withstand various incidents. This leads to great honors for this city and this province. Of course, the 29th of Bahman is a great honor for East Azerbaijan and Tabriz themselves.

Love of Ahlul Bayt is one of the most important privileges and honors for the people of Azerbaijan

Another point which deserves mention, is that one of the great advantages of Azerbaijan is that the flag of devotion to the Ahlul Bayt has always been in the hands of the Azerbaijani people. In other words, in the few centuries that I have mentioned, this flag has never stopped being hoisted by the people of Azerbaijan. It is the same in many other cities, but Azerbaijan has a special role in this issue. This is also one of the great honors of Azerbaijan.

The significance of continuing a movement

So, the February 18th Tabriz Uprising movement helped the fight to continue. Today, I wish to raise a few points about this continuation. Continuation is the key to the victory of every movement. If a movement fails to continue and to take the subsequent steps after the initial one, it will become sterile, fruitless and ineffectual. We know certain movements and revolutions in the world which had a good start and which took important steps, but they did not achieve victory because the members of the movement – be that the leaders or the followers and the masses of the people who followed their leaders – were discouraged from continuing the path. They became tired, disappointed or they busied themselves with materials trifles. They became hopeless or afraid and they suffered from domestic conflicts. For whatever reason, they failed to take the next steps. Consequently, their movement failed to achieve victory. That is why I say that the continuation of a movement is the key to its victory.

The February 18th Tabriz Uprising prepared the activities of the people on the ground

The February 18th Tabriz Uprising laid the foundation for the continuation of the people’s ground activities. The people of Tabriz did something that started the people’s ground movement. Well, the fight began years before that. There were all kinds of fighting in different parts of the country, but the presence of the people started from Qom, and if it were not for the Tabriz incident, the issue of Qom would have been forgotten.

The people of Tabriz taught continuity to everyone, and the 29th of Bahman was the beginning of the continuation of the great movement that had begun. This initiative encouraged the people to show their presence in the arena and it made the loud cry of Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) to be heard louder than ever by all the people of Iran – when the Tabriz incident took place, Imam sent at least two messages addressed to the people of Iran and to the people of Tabriz and Azerbaijan – and the path of the revolution was clarified afterwards. It became clear what should be done if the Revolution wanted to continue. It was the 29 of Bahman which taught this to everyone. It showed how the people should move and that they should come in the middle of the arena and have no fear of the fake glitter of the taghuti regime, which was actually empty and hollow.

The persistence of the revolutionary movement was one of the most important policies of Imam Khomeini

Well, the issue of persistence and continuity is an important issue. It was one of the most important revolutionary policies of Imam as well. After the victory of the Revolution and after the formation of the Islamic Republic, all the efforts of our magnanimous Imam were focused on the continuation of the movement. Imam’s enlightening speeches constantly encouraged everyone, showed the way, reminded people of the goals so that they would not forget what the purpose of the fight and the movement was, and set everyone in motion.

Imam, in the very first steps after the victory of the Revolution, did not neglect this important point. Even after he fell ill and was hospitalized and suffered from many physical limitations, he did not forget this issue–taking continuous steps and helping the continuation of the Revolution. This thwarted the plots of the enemies and kept the revolution alive.

Imam Khomeini’s belief in the loyalty of the people of Tabriz

Let us cite an example in this regard, which is related to Tabriz. In mid-1358 [1979], Tabriz faced an-revolutionary attack. With certain schemes and plots – which have been recorded in some documents and which many people know about, the elderly remember this – Tabriz faced an anti-revolutionary move. In Tabriz itself, there were a small number of vicious elements, but most of them poured to Tabriz from outside that city. They were also helped in some way from the center.

Those disruptors were helped by some people. As a result, some individuals were worried. We were raising this issue at that time in the Revolutionary Council. Some individuals were really concerned. However, Imam said that the zealous people of Tabriz themselves would solve the problem and that no one needed to interfere. This was Imam’s logic. In his speech, Imam also stated this. He said that Tabriz does not need the intervention of others as Tabriz itself will calm the troubled waters and it that is exactly what it did.

Shahid Madani, who was the Friday prayer leader of Tabriz at that time replacing Shahid Ghazi (may God bestow paradise on him), was in the middle of the arena that day. Shahid Madani himself was in the middle of the ground, and the youth of Tabriz increasingly gathered behind him. Thousands of young people accompanied him and were able to overcome this conspiracy. Imam’s move, outlook and behavior brought about such a great success. That was a step, such was the nature of Imam’s work.

Imam Khomeini turned the threat of war into a tool for the persistence of the Revolution

One important example of Imam’s acumen in helping the continuity of the Revolution and the revolutionary move was the measures that he adopted during the Sacred Defense Era. From the first day when Saddam’s attack on some airports and areas began, until the last day of the eight-year war and the adoption of the resolution, Imam would constantly encourage and breathe new life into the soldiers, the people, the supporters and the officials of the country. In fact, Imam turned the war that was imposed on the Iranian nation into a tool to show the power of the nation.

Well, we were really empty-handed inside the country. We were empty of weapons, of facilities and of a regular organization in the face of the enemy. In other words, our capabilities were limited. It was the early days of the revolution and there were a lot of problems. In such circumstances, Imam turned the war into a tool for power and national and international credibility for a revolutionary nation which was devoid of resources and equipment. The war was planned by the enemies to destroy the Revolution, but Imam used the war as a means to strengthen and perpetuate the Revolution, and to turn this threat into an opportunity. Such is continuity in Imam’s policies.

The role of Imam Khomeini in training personalities such as Mahdi Bakeri and Qasem Soleimani

I would like to cite Tabriz as another example. I had met Shahid Bakeri before the revolution. A friend from Mashhad who was studying at the University of Tabriz brought the late Agha Mehdi Bakeri to Mashhad. I saw him there. He was an ordinary student, but Imam turned a university student into a role model, a great figure and a brilliant commander. This was Imam’s work. The likes of Mehdi Bakeri and Shahid Qasem Soleimani were produced by Imam. It was Imam who created them. Such is the continuation of the revolution. It constantly turns the youth into great personalities and leaders of the Revolution.

The necessity to constantly pay attention to the continuation of the revolutionary movement

Therefore, the issue of the continuity of the revolutionary movement – as I said, the 29th of Bahman was the engine of this revolutionary continuity – is one of the most important and fascinating aspects of our country’s life in the present time and in the future. We must always keep this in mind and pursue, think about, act on it. And of course, everyone learned this lesson from Imam. We all learned this from Imam.

What does the continuation of the revolutionary movement mean?

So, what does “continuation of the revolutionary movement” mean? I have given examples, but in general what are the examples of this continuation? “Continuation of the revolutionary movement” means that we consider the goals of the revolution, and keep in sight all the needs of today and tomorrow, the needs of the present and the future that lead us to those goals, and satisfy these needs in whatever way possible. This means the continuation of the Revolution.

Therefore, the goals of the Revolution should be kept in sight. And in order to achieve the goals, there are certain needs, some of which are related to the short term, some are related to the present time, and some are related to the future, but preparations for meeting future needs should be made today. We must try to fulfill these needs to the best of our ability. This will bring about the movement of the continuation of the Revolution, examples of which I will now present.

Now, what are the goals of the Revolution? The goals of the Revolution are making progress, administering social justice, achieving power for the country, establishing an Islamic society and ultimately, forming the great and new Islamic civilization. These are the goals of the Revolution. We must see what we should do to attain these goals: the attainment of social justice, real progress – not fake and shallow progress, rather comprehensive progress in worldly and otherworldly areas – the attainment of an Islamic society, in which the rules of Islam are completely implemented and the people benefit from that implementation, and the attainment of a new Islamic civilization. Then we should do those things within the scope of our capability. Everyone must do those things to the best of their capability: I, government officials, students and other such people should carry out those tasks, each in a different way. I will expand on this later on.

Examples of the persistence of the Revolution

I will cite examples in this regard. The efforts put in by scientists and researchers are a move to continue the revolution. The efforts and teachings of seminary and university scholars, the activities of entrepreneurs and laborers – including in industry, agriculture, public services and the like – these are all things that, when done looking at the goals of the revolution, are examples of the continuation of the Revolution.

Efforts put in by young researchers, both in universities and Islamic seminaries. The endeavors of social service activists and activists in the area of pious help, examples of whose work the Iranian nation were witness to in the last two, three years on various matters. The activities by people in the area of military defense and the jihad of clarification. This is the same thing that Mr. Al-e Hashem [Tabriz Friday Prayers Leader] explained in his speech.

The activities done by hardworking government officials in the three branches of government – the personnel who are busy working in a sincere and genuine manner. The enlightening activities done by political intellectuals. There are many individuals who clarify political matters for the people in various media. Fortunately, today, this is being done in cyberspace by the individuals with a sense of responsibility. It is also being done in the press and primarily in the national media. Help given to the centers of Resistance by those who support the centers of Resistance in our region and in the world of Islam. These people are in fact working for the sake of the continuation of the Revolution. I could also mention the people who are prepared to participate in various arenas. For instance, when the issue of defending the shrines occurs, some people enter the field. Sometimes, certain incidents take place inside the country such as the 9th of Dey – of course, in Tabriz, the people entered the field one day sooner, on the 8th of Dey – and some people enter the arena.

All these movements are in line with the continuation of the Revolution. All these are constituents of a public movement which I call “the movement of the continuation of the Revolution”. All these movements are done by looking to the big and lofty goals of the Revolution.

Examples of efforts to satisfy the needs of the present time

Of course, these efforts are of two kinds. Some of these efforts are about the needs of the present and some are about the future. The urgent needs of the present time are usually quickly recognized by the masses of the people, or with a quick mention, they recognize them and enter the field. This was the case in the Sacred Defense Era. Whenever Imam made the slightest mention of something, a deluge of people would take to the fields of battle. The same was true of recent events such as defending the holy shrines.

Of course, the vigilance of the Iranian nation in this regard is truly astonishing! They really enter the field vigilantly when necessary, a clear example of which in the past decades, as I said, was their presence in the frontlines and presence in the confrontation with anti-revolutionary forces. The case of Tabriz in 1358 is an example in this regard and there are other cases in other parts of the country as well. The people have done other activities as well. The 9th of Dey was one of these activities. The people entered the arena voluntarily because they felt a need and they satisfied it.

The same is true of scientific activities needed by the country. During the outbreak of the coronavirus, the young scientists of the country immediately began to work. We were witness up close to their activities. As soon as the issue was raised that a vaccine should be produced for this, scientists in different places and organizations began to work, and the result of their work is a variety of vaccines in the country that people used, as a result of which, the country became needless of begging others. And it was not clear how many vaccines they would have given to us or if they would have given any. If we had not produced it on our own, they would not have given us any. Such is the people’s feeling about the urgent needs of the country and their fulfillment of those needs.

The most recent example of the fulfilment of these needs is the people’s presence in the 22nd of Bahman rally a few days ago. Today’s 22nd of Bahman was astonishing. It was really a spontaneous move. It was really a spontaneous movement that people did, and it was really admirable. This move was truly praiseworthy. With the problems that surround the people – the coronavirus and the livelihood problems on the one hand, the mud-slinging of foreigners and the unfortunate contribution of some internal elements to the same mud-slinging on the other hand – and despite all these obstacles and problems, the people held that great rally. Those who record the population of the participants and who can guess their numbers with cameras and whose estimation is very close to reality, reported to us that in all but two or three provinces of the country, this year the population was larger than last year. In some provinces, the turnout was twice as much as last year. In some provinces, it was, forty, fifty percent more. It was like this everywhere. The people’s move showed an astonishing vigilance. These are really admirable and meaningful moves. Well, these are examples of the people’s recognition of present-day needs and of their voluntary and innovative moves.

The necessity to pay attention to future needs

And there are certain issues that form the needs of the future. Many people identify them and carry out the necessary tasks and some people show negligence about them. What I mean by future means is the needs that will make us hit rock bottom if we do not think of them and do not do anything for them now. If we do not think of them at present, we will face problems tomorrow.

Training scientists and researchers is an example in this regard. If we do not train researchers today and if we do not launch a great scientific movement, then in 15, 20 years’ time, we will no longer have outstanding scientists capable of competing with the world or crossing the frontiers of science. Today, training researchers and scientists is a long-term need.

The issue of procreation and reproduction, which I have been emphasizing so much, is another example. Today, if we do not think about reproduction, then it will be late to solve the problem in 15, 20 years. We will become a country that does not have enough of the necessary elements to move forward – that is, the youth. Today, we have to think about tomorrow.

Another example is nuclear energy on which the whole world is becoming increasingly dependent on a daily basis. We too will need peaceful nuclear energy sooner or later. Today, if we do not think about it, if we do not follow the matter, it will be late tomorrow and our hands will be empty. When the world dominates all aspects of this issue, it will be difficult for us to move forward that day. So, you see how cruelly the enemy front is focusing on the issue of our nuclear energy!

They impose sanctions while they know that our nuclear energy project is peaceful. They say that Iran is such and such an amount of time away from producing a nuclear bomb. These are nonsensical and meaningless remarks. They themselves know that we are not looking for nuclear weapons and that we are only looking for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. They understand and know this. They do not want the Iranian nation to achieve this great and significant scientific progress and they are putting pressure on us because the nation will need it tomorrow and they do not want this movement to continue.

If we fail to address these future and long-term issues today, we will face problems tomorrow. In the case of the JCPOA, in 2015, 2016, my objection was that certain points had to be observed so that no further problems would arise. My objection was mainly to this. I said to officials that they had to consider certain points and I frequently mentioned them in my recommendations. Well, some of those points did not receive attention and therefore, the subsequent problems that everyone is aware of arose. So, looking to the future and being prepared for it is important.

The necessity to pay attention to the achievements of the Revolution

Well, I wish to raise an important point here and that is the fact that in the four decades after the victory of the Revolution, many fruitful activities have been done for the sake of the continuation of the Revolution. Some of these activities have been done voluntarily by the people and some have been done by the government. Great achievements have been made in the past decades, but some people want to deny them. A few days ago, I said that we should not allow the current problems in the country to overshadow all these important and big feats accomplished over the years. These achievements should not be ignored.

We had a lot of progress and a lot of achievements. An example is scientific progress. In post-revolutionary years, we were ahead of the rest of the world in terms of scientific progress. This is not my opinion, rather it is the opinion of international centers. That is, the rate of our scientific progress is several times faster than the global average. Some have said, it is ten times faster and some have said thirteen times. Well, knowledge is very important: “Knowledge is power” [Speaking in Arabic].

Knowledge is power in the real sense of the word. The well-known poem, “He who is knowledgeable is powerful” [from a poem in Shahnameh by Ferdowsi] is correct. Knowledge brings about power and authority for every country. We have made scientific achievements in various arenas, achievements which were unimaginable in the beginning of the Revolution. We ourselves were present in the frontlines of revolutionary activities, but we would not have believed that we would be able to make such progress in nuclear energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology and in various complicated medical issues and very difficult surgeries, in the area of solving sterility, in the area of stem cells and many other important scientific fields, but we have thankfully made progress in them. Our youth showed determination, moved forward, and made progress.

Another achievement is in the area of basic infrastructure. One achievement was scientific progress and another is infrastructural progress. Of course, I do not intend to compare these. Those in charge of statistics should do so, but the comparison would be interesting and sweet. In the area of safe roads, highways, freeways, railways, dams, housing and water, electricity and gas supply to different parts of the country, the progress that has been made in these decades is amazing and very important progress!

Had it not been for the Revolution and the revolutionary movement and jihadi movement, these feats would certainly not have been achieved. Moreover, Iran has become a center of health and medical services in the region. In the past, for the smallest surgery, those who could and had the money would go abroad. However, today, people from countries in the region come to Iran for the most complex surgeries. Some of these services that have been done and the progress that has been made are really tens of times greater than what existed before the revolution, and these are very important. Well, these advances have been achieved. These are services that should not be disregarded.

The same is true of the economy. I myself am one of those people who always criticizes us in economic matters. In the area of social justice, equitable distribution of wealth, in the field of relieving the deprivation of the weak classes and the like, I have certain complaints, but even in the area of the economy, the opinion of the well-known economic centers of the world is that Iran has made significant progress in important indicators of the economy, has taken great steps and has made great moves.

In addition, our self-sufficiency in the production of many things and the self-confidence of Iranian producers must be reflected. Of course, the national media has a great duty in this regard to reflect these, but they have not reflected them the way they should have. This is one of the necessary duties of the national media. All the activists who have worked in these sectors have contributed to the continuation and perpetuation of the Revolution. And, of course, we have not done enough and we have shown some negligence. Over the years, there may have been malicious intentions, there may have been some of these things, but great things have also been done, and if it had not been for these cases of negligence, the situation would have been better.

The attachment of the new generations to the ideals of the Revolution

I would like to say that with the movement of the continuation of the Revolution, today, the Revolution is thankfully both alive and productive and generative. When the arrogant front stands against the Revolution and against the revolutionary nation of Iran and shows great enmity, the reason is that the Revolution is alive. If it had not been for the Revolution, they would not have had any reason to be so vicious and evil against the Iranian nation.

What does “survival of the Revolution” mean? It means the attachment of the new generations of the country to the ideals of the Revolution. Today, people are attached to the same ideals that the Revolution put forward. It means national independence, national dignity, national welfare, social justice, the realization of an Islamic society and, ultimately, as I said before, the creation of a new Islamic civilization. These are the great goals of the revolution. Our people today are attached to these goals. If they can do anything that is within their power, they will really do it. That is, the vast majority of the country has this attachment. Now, there may be people who are a little slow to move or do not move at all, but the Iranian nation is, generally speaking, attached to these ideals. The nation is attached, the Revolution is alive, and the sign of the survival of the Revolution is the enmity of the camp of arrogance, which stems from the insistence of the Islamic Republic on these goals.

It is incorrect to say that the Revolution has drifted away from its goals

One hears from some individuals that the Revolution has strayed from its goals. This is not the case. If the country had strayed from the goals of the Revolution, the enemies of the Revolution would not have been so hostile to the system, the Islamic Republic and Islamic Iran. These hostilities themselves are a sign that the country and the Islamic Republic have been loyal and committed to these goals.

One hears some people say that the system has strayed from the goals of the revolution and they want to show that they are committed to the Revolution. I do not agree with this statement, nor do I believe their attachment to the Revolution.

One who pursues an aristocratic lifestyle and whose path is an aristocratic one, cannot believe in the slogan of supporting the barefooted. The slogan of the Revolution is the slogan of supporting the oppressed and the barefooted. The people who seek an aristocratic lifestyle and whose movement is an aristocratic movement, cannot be faithful to this slogan.

The slogan of the Revolution is confrontation with arrogance and with the arrogant movement and with arrogant powers. Those who speak about surrendering to arrogance and to the US, cannot be committed to this Revolution and these goals. This is not an acceptable comment.

And we thank God for bestowing the blessing on the Iranian nation to be resistant. The people endured, showed resistance and were able to bring the country to this point, and God willing, this perseverance must continue on a daily basis. Not only inside the country, but also in the region, the endurance of the Iranian nation is influential. Today, as you can see, the Resistance movement in the countries of the region is growing, and America’s power has been broken in the region, nations have become bold and are speaking against the United States and against their moves.

The necessity for the nation to move against the enemy’s economic and media pressures

Well, we must appreciate this and continue the movement of the Revolution. My recommendation to our dear youth is to see today in which line the enemy is moving, what the enemy is aiming at and then to act and move in the opposite direction. In my opinion, the way I see things, the enemy has targeted the nation, public opinion and the minds of young people. They are spending billions of dollars in their think tanks–as they themselves put it, think tanks and research circles–trying to turn the Iranian nation, and especially the youth, from this path.

And they are currently doing so in two ways: one is through economic pressures in order to make things very difficult for the people and separate them from the Islamic Republic. And another is mudslinging, telling lies, slandering and making accusations against the main personalities and centers that have been influential in the progress of the Revolution.

One day, they level accusations at the Islamic Consultative Majlis, one day, they level accusations at the Guardian Council and another day, they accuse the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. Today, it is the Guards Corps’ turn. They slander the Guards Corps and our great and outstanding martyr, Shahid Soleimani.

If they dared, if they were not afraid of the people’s rage and reaction, they would also insult Imam! However, they do not dare do and know that the reaction of the people is sharp against this. Therefore, these two means are at the disposal of the enemy to separate the people from the system and to tamper with the minds of the people. The enemy has taken these two steps: economic pressure – one of which is sanctions and the like – and mudslinging and telling lies via their media. This means economic and media enmity.

The youth must stand up against this. The Iranian nation must stand against these two moves. The economic pressure must be neutralized by internal efforts, the neutralization of the sanctions and, of course, by diplomatic efforts. Our good brothers are busy working. Our revolutionary brothers are also working to lift the sanctions and persuade the other side, which is good. But the main task is to neutralize the sanctions by creating a movement of domestic production and domestic economic mobilization. Knowledge-based companies are very important. The move to establish knowledge-based economy and knowledge-based companies is really important, but this must be developed and expanded. This is one measure and another measure is to foil the media and mudslinging move of the enemy.

I hope that God the Exalted will increase His blessings and benefits on the Iranian nation on a daily basis, that He will make the Iranian nation successful so that it will be able to conquer the peaks, that He will associate our dear martyrs and our magnanimous Imam, who is the pioneer of this great movement, with the Holy Prophet and the saints, and that our Imam will receive his due reward.

I hope that the Iranian nation, the people of Azerbaijan and the people of Tabriz will continuously benefit from diving blessings. I hope that all of you will be successful.

I thank you for the good programs that you performed, for the recitation of the Holy Quran and for the performance of that very good song. I would like to thank Mr. Al-e Hashem for his statements and also the dear brother who performed that elegy. I wish to thank all these people. I hope that God will bestow success on all of you.

Greetings be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

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