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Together for Resistance

The Arab-International forum for the Support the Resistance, which includes 65 Arab, Islamic and international unions, conferences and entities takes place on Friday 15th January 2010.

This event will be held under the banner “together for resistance”.

The concept of the forum was initiated by the Arab-International Centre for Communication and Solidarity (AICCS).

As for the specific objectives of the forum, these focus on asserting peoples’ right to resist occupation according to heavenly as well as earthly laws and conventions, including the Charter of the United Nations.

They will also focus of the right to curtail colonial policies that label peoples’ struggles as terrorism and pointless violence.

The activities of the forum will include, in addition to the opening ceremony -in which H.E. Sayyed Hassan will give a speech-, seminars, lectures, roundtable discussions, exhibitions and cultural and arts events.

A declaration is expected to be issued by the forum under the title “the Beirut Declaration for Resistance”.

It is expected that thousands of individuals and representatives of concerned entities from the region and the rest of the world will participate in the Congregation.

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