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Too Many Irons in the Fire for Obama

The entire world sighed in relief after the re-election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America. Nonetheless, there is almost nothing to be as rapturous about. The re-elected President has shown indeed, during his first mandate, that he opted for negotiations and refused the war; however, this did not prevent him from the excessive use of drones, these unmanned air vehicles remote-controlled by a military base in the US, to fire missiles on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other places in the world where the US believes having enemies. If for the Americans, dispatching these drones is not considered a war since there are no American soldiers on a foreign territory, for the beleaguered countries this is nevertheless all-out violence. Moreover, Obama actually withdrew his soldiers from Iraq, but even he took the initiative to retreat from Afghanistan, he is not necessarily ready for making peace in the region.

In fact, a small sentence in his victory speech passed almost unnoticed, albeit having a salient significance. Obama promised the Americans to endeavor to thaw the US dependence pertaining to traditional energy. This clearly means that he shall burn both ends of the candle to get to extract shale gas, which shall supposedly fill the US energy needs ten years from now.

This shall augur ill days for the emirates of the Gulf and the Wahhabi Kingdom, which built their influence and fortune on fuel purchases by the world’s powers. By seeking to grant the US a self-sufficiency of energy, Obama also seeks to grant his country more freedom on the political level, in administrating the affairs of the world. This ambitious project is not to be accomplished any time soon, but if Obama keeps his promise, he has then launched a process that shall change the attitude and the role of the US in the world.

Furthermore, if it is clear that the US President has been somewhat standoffish regarding the Syrian dossier, he might be as well wary of the spiraling danger of emergent hardliners, within the scope of Al-Qaeda, on the Americans. But this doesn’t mean that he would be more conciliating with the axis of the resistance, which is still a privileged target for the US and the West overall.

In fact, the wave of satisfaction following Barack Obama’s re-election is rather sparked by the fear of having in power a new war fancier president like George W. Bush than by the keenness on having Obama again at the White House. Obama has indeed too many irons in the fire, on top of which the economic crisis, the lasting Republicans’ stronghold at the Congress, and the attitude of “Israel” unswervingly seeking to launch an attack on Iran. This shows to those who still have illusions, that the Palestinian Cause remains the very last concern for the West, and, unfortunately, is no more the priority of the Arabs.

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