Tribes in Northern Syria to Hand over Manbij to Syrian Army


Tribal elites in Northern Syria have started practical measures to hand over Manbij region to the Syrian Army as the US and Turkish military forces increased their meddling in the region.

The Arabic-language al-Ahad news website reported that elites from different tribes in Manbij city are trying hard to persuade the Damascus government to enter Manbij.

It further said that Manbij civilians, meantime, are enraged by the occupiers’ brutalities and presence in their region.

Media sources affiliated to the dissidents in Syria reported on Thursday that representatives of the Syrian government and a number of officials of the Manbij military council held a meeting on the future of the town.

They added that the two sides conferred on the process to deliver control of a security region in Manbij as well as al-Shahba (Tishrin) dam South-East of the town to the Syrian army forces, noting that it can pave the ground for the army’s full control over Manbij.

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