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Troops seize main airport in Ecuador

Ecuador has plunged into political turmoil as troops have seized the country’s main airport and stormed the Congress building protesting to a new law.

Ecuadorian police have seized main airport in the country’s capital city, Quito, protesting to a law that reduced bonuses to the police and military. They have shut off highway access to the city as well.

The protesters who fired tear gas and burned tires chanted “The troops united will never be defeated,” some of them calling on other troops to join them, the AFP reported.

Army chief Ernesto Gonzalez has however announced that he fully supported President Rafael Correa. Police chief Freddy Martinez also tried to calm the protestors but was met with a hostile reception.

Meanwhile, Correa has denounced the situation as an attempted coup.

“It is a coup attempt led by the opposition and certain sections of the armed forces and the police,” he said.

“Whatever happens to me I want to express my love for my family and my homeland,” the president said.

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