Tunisian Cleric: Fighting against the Syrian regime forbidden, Real enemy Israel

938487_thumThe head of Al Zaytuna Congregational Mosque in Tunisia has said: “what is happening in the last two years in Arab countries, are the new strategy and plot to parse these countries.”
In an interview with the online newspaper, Al Tunisia Hussein al-Obeidi said: “Islam has forbidden Muslims fighting Muslims. The real Jihad is with Israel. Religiously, it is not permissible for a Muslim to fight with Muslim nation of Syria. Any person who goes to the Syria to fight the Muslims there, has committed a forbidden act, the act of suicide, he would ruined his present life in this world and hereafter and will not have any destiny but hell.”

“People who are fighting the Syrian government, bring the heaviest blows to Islam,” he added.

Al-Obeidi said: “Arab countries have a common enemy which they have fought for centuries, and this enemy is the old colonial powers which have been reactivated again.”

“NATO has opened its mouth to swallow Arab countries’ [resources], but we Arabs are only watching, and we are inattentive to the colonial conspiracies,” he asserted.

He pointed to the recent clashes of Salafists with Tunisian security forces and said: “colonialism is behind the Salafists clash with Tunisian security forces, and once more wants to use its expansionist plot, and to implement their imperialistic domination.”

Tunis Al Zaytuna mosque preacher continued that “transfer of Tunisia girls [under pretext of] ‘Marriage Jihad’ with the armed oppositions in Syria is considered forbidden and against [Islamic] Sharia. Such actions are against Sharia, and Islam does not allow it in any way.”

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